#Caffeine Powered

‘The Boys’ Teaser Trailer: Giving The Middle Finger To Superheroes

I remember liking The Boys back when I was eighteen. But, I think if I read it now, I’d find it fucking intentionally edgy, and sort of cringe. That said, will I give the adaptation a shot? Sure.

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Report: PlayStation 4 players will finally be getting ability to change their PSN names

ps4 name changes

Straight-fucking-up, the fact that I’m not “Caffeine Powered” on PSN bothers me. Like, not continuously. But, it’s a mild rash on my ass that flares up every once in a while. So, I’m pretty excited that I’ll soon be able to rectify this situation.

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Yo, ‘Star Wars’ fans! The ‘Mandalorian’ first look and directors revealed. Including Taika Waititi, oh my goodness

star wars the mandalorian first look

Fucking Taika Waititi is directing an episode of The Mandalorian? Even my calloused, jaded ass cannot help but be excited now.

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Chris Evans pretty much announces he’s done playing Captain America after wrapping ‘Avengers 4’, and I weep so fucking hard

chris evans avengers 4 cap

I don’t want Cap to go, man. But, if Chris Evans’ Tweet after finishing Avengers 4 reshoots is any indication, he is indeed.

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Report: New Nintendo Switch hardware dropping in 2019, may be more powerful than an Amazon Fire this time

new nintendo switch hardware 2019

New Nintendo Switch hardware dropping in 2019, ya’ll. While the company continues to sell a fucking shitload of units, it makes sense to upgrade the guts every so often.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Trailer: It’s Bullseye, motherfuckers!

‘John Wick 3’ director’s description of the movie involves shotguns, ninjas, a raven, and more. I’m fully torqued

john wick 3 description

We all know that John Wick 3 is going to conclude the greatest trilogy of all time. But, how fucking emphatically shall it? That’s the question. Well, if the director’s description is any indication, we’re all going to need new underwear. Maybe genitals.

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Astronomers may have found the first “exomoon” which is rad as it fucking sounds

space exomoon

I sort of thought that we had just found exomoons already. However, we hadn’t! At least not until now. That’s right, fuckers. Astronomers may have found the first exomoon.

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‘Star Wars’ Live-action TV series is titled ‘The Mandalorian’ because Lucasfilm creates nothing new

star wars tv series the mandalorian

I know, I should have expected something derivative. I know, it could still be good. But, my goodness. Lucasfilm, please. Lucasfilm, I beg you. Please give us something fucking new.

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Rumor: ‘Star Wars’ fan favorite Dave Filoni directing episodes for ‘Star Wars’ TV series

star wars tv series dave filoni

Dave Filoni directing episodes of the upcoming live-action Star Wars show? Sounds pretty fucking rad to me.

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