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‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ First Look: Check Out Spidey’s Stealth Suit

spider man far from home stealth suit

Yeah, Parker got himself a stealth suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home. If you want to check it out, hit the fucking jump!

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New ‘Ghost In The Shell’ series coming to Netflix in 2020 as the company continues to fucking dominate the anime scene

ghost in the shell 2020 new

Netflix is straight-up not fucking around when it comes to the anime scene. The latest signal of their marauding? The company is helping revive Ghost In The Shell.

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‘Saga’ co-creator Brian K. Vaughan has signed a three-year deal with Legendary Entertainment. ‘Saga’ ADAPTATION GET?!

brian k vaughan legendary entertainment

Yo! Fucking rad, my dudes. Brian K. Vaughan has signed a three-year deal with Legendary Entertainment. Not only that, but he’ll also be adapting some of his creator-owned titles as part of the deal.

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Weekend Open Bar: It’s always neon somewhere!

weekend open bar neon somewhere

Yo! It’s the Weekend Open Bar! The weekly weekend invitation extended to the members of the Space-Ship Omega! To do what? Well, I’m glad you fucking asked! It’s an invitation to gather-up around in the digi-hearth and share what you’re up to the next two days.

Are you snagging a Christmas tree this weekend? Or perhaps you’re spending the next couple of days silently praying to the Gods of Fantasy Football. Neither of those? Well, maybe you’re inside, hiding from the cold. Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 and swigging holiday beers.

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer: WE IN THE ENDGAME NOW, BABY!

I can only hope that the boner I got from watching this trailer isn’t terminal. I must see the Endgame through.

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‘The Outer Worlds’ Trailer: The folks behind ‘Fallout: New Vegas’ take their talents to space

Obsidian, the folks behind Fallout: New Vegas, and the creators of the original Fallout are going to space for their new RPG. And, it looks fucking rad.

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‘Hades’ Trailer: The company behind ‘Bastion’ and ‘Transistor’ goes slash-em-up, baby!

Goddamn, yes.

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‘Far Cry New Dawn’ Trailer: Finally the series is post-apocalit 🔥🔥🔥

I fuck with both Far Cry and the post-apocalypse heavy.

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‘Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3’ Reveal Trailer: Coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch in 2019

First reveal, tonight at the Game Awards!

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MIT has built a robotic houseplant that moves on its own. It’s nice to know the overlords will have green

mit robotic houseplant

Oh, isn’t this a relief. At least when the Robot Overlords finally take over, we know they’ll have some greenery.

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