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‘Dark Souls: Remastered’ coming to PS4, XB1, PC, and Switch. Experience the original beatdown, again

dark souls remastered

The original Dark Souls is coming to this generation’s consoles, friends. And it’s bringing all of its cruelty, reward, and violence with a new coat of paint.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Season 5 Trailer: Returning March 25

I’m behind on Silicon Valley to the tune of one season, so I don’t really have much to offer in the way of comment. That said, here, enjoy it!

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‘Altered Carbon’ Trailer: I Didn’t Ask You To Bring Me Back Into This World

Altered Carbon hype fucking get, dudes.

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Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ standalone movie is totally finally happening seriously

marvel black widow movie jac schaeffer

Marvel’s Black Widow movie is finally happening. Seriously. No, seriously. It’s got a screenwriter and everything!

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‘Deadpool’ director developing Kitty Pryde solo movie. But, like, what about Disney’s acquisition of Fox?

kitty pryde tim miller solo movie

It’s a weird moment in the X-Universe. Despite the fact that Disney has ingested all of Fox’s X-Men properties, uh, there still seems to be a crazy amount of development going on. Like, how long is it until Feige stands over the entire Fox slate, unfurls his enormous producer hog, and washes it clean so Marvel Studios can incorporate the properties? Should we even get excited about this?

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‘Black Panther’ TV Spot: Dudes, This Drops Next Fucking Month

Here’s the final trailer for Black Panther, which some people are calling a TV spot, which I’m just calling fucking awesome.

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Space Swoon: Saturn’s rings go translucent, courtesy of Cassini

saturn cassini rings

Cassini captured this gorgeous photo of Saturn and its rings looking all translucent as fuck, for our benefit. I don’t really have anything else to add, just enjoy this shit!

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‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Trailer: Robbin Season Is Here

The first trailer for Atlanta‘s second season! Fuck yeah, dudes.

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Weekend Open Bar: Paper Boi, Paper Boi, All About That Paper, Boy

paper boi

It’s the Weekend! It’s the Weekend Open Bar!

Spend time with me this weekend!

I’m hammering out this opening salvo quickly, because, I must confess, I gotta scrub my ass. Birthday dinner is waiting! Stuff guts with Mexican food! Then, tonight, Wrestle Kingdom with Bateman is waiting! Stuff guts with pizza, with sugar, with glory, and with glee. But, friends. Don’t think I’m neglecting you! This very hammering out, this very textual blitzkrieg is evidence I care about you!

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‘Atlanta’ season 2 is dropping March 1. I cannot fucking wait, dudes

atlanta season 2 march 1

Atlanta is some of my favorite television of the past few years, and I can’t wait to get more. I’m a bit lucky though, because the wait for season 2 hasn’t been long for me, since I, uh. I slept on the first one for so long. But, good news! For everyone! The second season is dropping on March 1.

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