‘Halo 3’ and other Xbox 360 games getting enhanced for the Xbox One X

xbox 360 games enhanced xbox one x

Man. Microsoft ain’t fucking around with their insanely opulent, excessively powerful console. The company has announced they’re not just enhancing some XB1 games for the console. No sir. No ma’am. Perhaps in an effort to justify throwing $500 at the console, the company is also going to be enhancing select Xbox 360 games.

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Microsoft has ended ‘Xbox 360’ production; fare thee well


It is with somber tones, ashen eyes, and a strained sadness that I announce that the Xbox 360 has ceased production. Man, my Xbox 360 and me spent some serious fucking time together. Or rather, my three Xbox 360s and me spent some serious fucking time together. From Gears to the Mass Effect series to Fallout 3, I probably chalked up thousands of hours of my twenty-somethings on Microsoft’s sophomore console.

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New Xbox One Dashboard and Backwards Compatibility dropping November 12


It really chaps my ass that PS4 ain’t getting backwards compatibility. It really chaps my ass that Xbox One is getting backwards compatibility. This despite the fact that I friggin’ own an XB1. And come November 12, I’ll be able to rock a new dashboard and Xbox 360 games on my aforementioned MicroConsole.

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Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility will support 360’s DLC, too.


Good news, XBOTS. Not only are you (we?, I mean, I own the system) getting backwards compatibility on the XB1. But it turns out that all the DLC you bought for those games you’re going to rocking backwards-ly is also going to function. Fuck. C’mon, Sony.

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[Trailer Here!] Ubisoft confirms ‘Assassin’s Creed Rogue’ for PS3, Xbox 360

Ass Creed

Ubisoft has finally confirmed what we’ve known for months: they’re making an Assassin’s Creed exclusively for the last-gen systems. All it took was a trailer leak for them finally get off their asses and throw us the bone.

Details and trailer post-jump!

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E3 vs PR – Part I: XBox One – How Microsoft let their key moment get ‘xboned’

Welcome to E3 vs PR – A blog series on the Gaming Industry’s Most Important Season from a Communications Perspective.


You’re having a bad PR week with the media if you’re one of the following two clients:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, following allegations of crack-cocaine use caught on tape, or, Microsoft’s Games and Entertainment Division, following the incredibly confused and poorly communicated debut of their next generation platform, the Xbox One (XBO).

I’m a gamer. Have been since I was 3. I’m also an upcoming communications and PR graduate. The lens I’m looking at this industry through is changing radically, but the last week has been bad enough that the popular opinion is all on the same side.

We all threw our hands up at Microsoft’s lack of a coherent set of key messages throughout the eight days since launch. Everything we’ve been taught not to do, they’re doing.

While Microsoft didn’t match Ford and (allegedly) break the law over the last poorly-planned eight days of the XBO PR launch, you’d definitely call most of their actions criminal, from a communications perspective.

A game and entertainment console ‘reveal’ is one of the most critical and risk-laden PR events that can take place in the interactive entertainment industry. A console, like the XBO’s predecessor, the XBox 360, typically lives on the market for a healthy five to six years. That’s before being relegated to second-tier status upon its successor’s launch for the next three or four years.

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Old Ass ‘XBOX 360’ still sees impressive Black Friday sales, increase in XBL activity.

One of the reasons this generation is lumbering on interminably is that the consoles are selling like mofuckahs. Just this past Black Friday, the Xbox 360 was pushing product and sucking more people into the void that is Xbox Live. It’s a bit impressive for a console to be spreading its wings like this, what, six years into its existence?

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Microsoft Buys ‘XBOX 8’ Domain Names; Well It’s Better Than 720.

The Microsoft Leviathan has gobbled up a string of names under the “Xbox 8” umbrella. You can only think maybe they’re going to tea-bag their next console with a title that dove-tails into their upcoming operating software update.

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[E3 2012 – Halo 4] Campaign and Multiplayer

MS opened up their media briefing and all of E3 with this vid, the first look at the Halo 4 campaign.  Feels like more than just a little nod to Metroid Prime, aesthetically.

Hit the jump for the vid, and links to more vids, including B-Roll campaign footage and some multiplayer from the new Spartan Ops mode.

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Next ‘GEARS OF WAR’ Featured On Game Informer’s July Cover.

Game Informer  is going to be all up in Gears of War’s  guts. All we have so far is the cover, a darkened piece of brooding non-reveal.

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