Next ‘GEARS OF WAR’ Featured On Game Informer’s July Cover.

Game Informer  is going to be all up in Gears of War’s  guts. All we have so far is the cover, a darkened piece of brooding non-reveal.

Game Ranx:

GameInformer continues to deliver exclusive after exclusive, issue after issue. The July issue of GameInformer reveals the next Gears of War game, which is currently rumored to be in development at Bulletstorm studio People Must Fly.

Few details apart from the cover art for the new Gears of War game have been revealed. The game’s presumed protagonist appears to be in chains. As to why that is, we’ll have to find out in a few days.

The magazine says to check its website back on Monday for a teaser trailer of the new Gears title and for readers to look forward to a whole month of Gears coverage.

GameInformer notes that like its predecessors in the series, the upcoming title will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.

It’s unknown whether Marcus Fenix will be reprising his role as the lead badass, but we’ll definitely be taking a trip back to the world of Sera (which is Ares, God of War spelled backwards–the more you know).