Marvel Studios could start developing its ‘X-Men’ movies in 2019 and oh god yes, oh god yes

marvel studios xmen 2019 kevin feige

The X-Men are home, folks. Okay, okay, almost home. With the Disney-Fox merger expected to be consummated soon, all nerd eyes have turned to Kevin Feige. Expectantly wondering the same thing. Bro, when will Marvel Studios start developing X-Men movies? And, we have an answer. Next fucking year.

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No Shit: Kevin Feige confirmed to be overseeing Disney’s ‘X-Men’ films

kevin feige xmen disney movies

Like, no shit, right? Of course Kevin Feige, the Czar of Marvel Studios, is going to be overseeing the X-Men movies. This is what we’ve all been waiting for! The X-Men‘s integration into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why am I even talking about it, then? Cause I’m fucking hype about them coming home.

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‘Deadpool’ director developing Kitty Pryde solo movie. But, like, what about Disney’s acquisition of Fox?

kitty pryde tim miller solo movie

It’s a weird moment in the X-Universe. Despite the fact that Disney has ingested all of Fox’s X-Men properties, uh, there still seems to be a crazy amount of development going on. Like, how long is it until Feige stands over the entire Fox slate, unfurls his enormous producer hog, and washes it clean so Marvel Studios can incorporate the properties? Should we even get excited about this?

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Disney/Fox deal is consummated, X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

disney fox fantastic four x men marvel cinematic universe

I can’t help but feel a bit sick at the news that Disney and Fox have consummated their deal. Like, man. Talk about a fucking monoculture. But, you know. I’m definitely going to jizz when I see Thor, Peter Parker, Cyclops, and Reed Richards saving the world together.

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James Franco starring as Multiple Man in ‘X-Men’ spin-off movie. Like, what the fuck?

james franco multiple man movie x-men spin-off

James Franco, who loves himself more than I love anything in the world, is returning to the world of comic books to play Jamie Madrox in a Multiple Man movie. I slightly fuck with the dude as an actor, but like with fellow dicklord blowhard Jared Leto, I often struggle separating his self-satisfaction from his performances.

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‘The New Mutants’ Trailer: All Of You (Muties) Are Dangerous

Man, I actually really enjoyed this trailer for The New Mutants. I’m not saying it is fantastic or anything (look at how defensive I’m being), but an X-Men movie gone teen horror appeals to me.

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Dazzler is going to be in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ because why not I guess

dazzler x-men dark phoenix

I have no hopes for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. While it isn’t being directed by Singer, praise the lords, it’s being helmed by his frequent collaborator Simon Kinberg. Which means that while it’s dope Dazzler will be making an appearance, my stokement is ultimately mitigated by the probability that this movie will be a turdo.

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‘The Gifted’ Trailer: The Mutant Species Spreads (To TV)

Hey, it’s a trailer for The Gifted. Fox’s X-Men TV drama.

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‘Gifted’ Trailer: First look at Bryan Singer’s ‘X-Men’ TV show

You excited for Gifted? I’m not! In fact, I ain’t even going to watch this teaser. But you, friends of OL, certainly can!

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Fox ‘X-Men’ TV Series Casts Emma Dumont As Magneto’s Daughter

emma dumont magneto daughter x-men tv

As the title says! Emma Dumont has been cast in Fox’s X-Men TV series as Magneto’s daughter. I…I don’t really care about this show at all, and can’t imagine myself watching it, so I’m probably not the best measuring stick for if this news is good or not.

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