‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ will be 6-part miniseries directed by Kari Skogland. Baron Zemo and Sharon Carter returning!

the falcon and the winter soldier kari skogland

More The Falcon and the Winter Soldier news, friends!

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Winter Soldier/Falcon TV series is planned for Disney’s streaming service. Holy crap, yes!

winter soldier falcon tv series

Listen. It’s not the Shane Black written-and-directed buddy comedy I had envisioned. But, this is awesome. A Winter Soldier and Falcon TV series? Goddamn, yes. Their banter and camaraderie has been fantastic so far, and man. Their mutual mourning over Rogers’ forthcoming demise will be incredible and heartbreaking. I’m, I’m marking out, and I don’t fucking care.

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Kevin Feige: ‘Captain America’ Movies Do Not Need To Star Steve Rogers

kevin feige steve rogers captain america

Kevin Feige has stated the obvious. A Captain America movie does not need to star Steve Rogers. This seems exceptionally obvious to me as a man who realizes that Bucky is the Best Captain America Ever.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ TV Spot: Spidey Digs Bucky’s Metal Arm

So, I’m not going to watch this TV spot. Despite the fact that it is all over my goddamn newsfeed and pretty much already know its contents. But you may, if you wish!

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ BTS Photo reveals Panther and Bucky getting close

Official Behind-The-Scenes photo from The Russo BREHS. Totally showing Panther and Bucky getting close, getting to know one another, getting to do this or that or the other thing. Maybe hug. Hug, right?

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Marvel reveals new ‘Thunderbolts’ comic, starring Winter Soldier as leader


Bucky Barnes is my Captain America!, man. But until he can fulfill that role in the movies (I’m. Waiting.), I imagine I will have to be happy to accept him as the Winter Soldier in the comics too. Speaking of Barnes in comics, it appears that he’s going to be leading a new iteration of Thunderbolts.

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OMEGA-CAST #11: Velvet Revulgar


Truth be told, this podcast was a long time coming. And I ain’t sure it even should have come. You see a couple of months ago Rendar found himself a beautiful OMNI-DIMENSIONAL babe upon the silicate dunes of Io. Packed up his stuff, took the boarding shuttle down to her hut, and ain’t been seen since. We get glorious missives from him every once in a while — he’s happy. Kid on the way, arthritis salved by the regenerative sand-leeches he found down by the Cloaked Bay. But the drawback is that we couldn’t cut a podcast. Eventually we decided to record one without him – heresy I know – and pray he’d return before we dared record a follow-up.

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Monday Morning Commute: Murder Walk With Me


In short, because I’m fucking busy! This is Monday Morning Commute. The cavernous post at the end of the Internet where we all share what we’re up to during a given week. The arts and distractions that are helping us Mind The Grind. Spittin’ about our anxiety-laden lives because of Said Grind. Maybe a random anecdote about the time your donger got caught in that chalupa (is this a euphemism? I don’t know!) in the Taco Bell bathroom.

I’ll go first.

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‘Winter Soldier’ directors the Russo Brothers helming ‘Community’ season premiere


You can, uh, take the Community directors out of the community, but you can’t take the community out of them? What the…what the fuck am I trying to say? Uh. In brief. The Russo Brothers, hot off Winter Soldier, are returning to their roots to direct the season premiere of Community. Which is gnarly.

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‘WINTER SOLDIER’ star Frank Grillo starring in ‘THE RAID’ remake

Frank Grillo.

Does The Raid need a remake? Absolutely fucking not. Will I Hate-See it? Absolutely fucking yes. Do I think the casting of Frank Grillo is s step in the right direction on an ultimately doomed and lamentable project? Sure!

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