OMEGA-CAST #11: Velvet Revulgar


Truth be told, this podcast was a long time coming. And I ain’t sure it even should have come. You see a couple of months ago Rendar found himself a beautiful OMNI-DIMENSIONAL babe upon the silicate dunes of Io. Packed up his stuff, took the boarding shuttle down to her hut, and ain’t been seen since. We get glorious missives from him every once in a while — he’s happy. Kid on the way, arthritis salved by the regenerative sand-leeches he found down by the Cloaked Bay. But the drawback is that we couldn’t cut a podcast. Eventually we decided to record one without him – heresy I know – and pray he’d return before we dared record a follow-up.

The product is a lot like listening to a classic, eternal metal band like Skid Row without Sebastian Bach. Queensryche without Tate. Or like, Velvet Revolver or something.

In short, I think it sucks.

We recorded it about a month ago, but then Riff fell in love with some Hamster-being (he explained to me it’s like a Centaur with a thousand-nipples and three vaginas) he found on a small Island off the shores of the Cape. Told me he could only work on the audio when “the time was right” and when “ovulation wasn’t a deciding factor”, so there’s that.

And Bateman? Don’t get me started.

(And this was before he took two weeks to post this.)

But whatever — have this podcast. Or don’t. I don’t really care.