‘WoW: Legion’ sold 3.3 million copies by Day 1, matching the Sales Records of all Previous Expansions


Man, I got motherfuckers on all sides of me telling me to buy WoW: Legion. Man, apparently motherfuckers on all sides of me are buying WoW: Legion.

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Marvel announces Steve Rogers is returning as ‘Captain America’

Cap is back!

Steve Rogers ceded the mantle of Captain America to his friend Sam Wilson back in…2014? And now it looks like his friend Wilson isn’t exactly handing Steve back the mantle. More like, sharing it the title? But not the shield!

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‘Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’ gets February 2016 release date and “tiered” preorder bonuses

deus ex

Oh dear. Preorder gaming promotions have leveled up. Evolved. Let’s scratch for the moment the fact that I’m very excited for the next Deus Ex. Instead, let’s focus on what could be a truly nefarious (albeit sadly rewarding) preorder scheme launched by Square Enix.

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‘Shenmue 3’ E3 Announce Trailer: Kickstart the Finale

‘Community’ writer joins with ‘Archer’ creator for new animated series


Now, this is a fucking meeting of the minds I can get behind.

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First Official Look: The ‘Suicide Squad’ in costume, courtesy of Ayers

‘Terminator Genisys’ Trailer: Now With 100% Serious Spoilers

Woah: Blizzard cancels their next-gen MMO, ‘Titan’


Woah then. Count this as something I wasn’t expecting. We’ve known for years that Blizzard was developing a new MMO. We knew that it was a bit of a troubled development. But I don’t think any of us knew it was headed towards cancellation.

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Moar ‘EPISODE VII’ Set Photos: Classic Spaceships Bein’ Built

He's shocked about em.

Yes, I’m going to post these new set photos. No, I’m not going to specify which classic spaceships. Yes, the internet has probably already ruined it for you. Putting potential spoilers in post titles for cheap clicks > preserving the sanctity of the first viewing in this day and age.

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Judge confirms SUPERMAN belongs to DC. Alas.


Don’t let the headline fool you, the battle for Superman’s soul isn’t over. Okay, soul is a bit erroneous. And over-dramatic. The fight for Superman’s wondrous money-making capabilities isn’t over. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been ebbs and flows to the case. The latest has the tide turning in DC’s favor. What does this all mean?! I have no fucking idea.

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