Discovery of foul gas on Venus hints at possible presence of life. Possible, okay? But still rad!

venus gas discovery life

Hell yeah! There are signs of a possible presence of life on Venus. Now, we should probably pay attention to the word “possible”, right? I agree. But it’s still fun to get excited. I mean, no?

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MIT Scientists suggest that life could exist in the clouds of Venus. Okay, just microbes! But its still fucking life!

mit scientists life venus clouds

The clouds of Venus could harbor life? Well, well, well! Bet you didn’t guess this one, did you? You dorks! I’m just fucking around, I didn’t either. But, I suppose The Expanse should have prepared us.

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Venus has a planet-scale wave poisonous wave of clouds ripping across its surface! The cosmos is fucking metal!

venus planet scale wave poisonous clouds

Venus ain’t exactly hospitable. We’ve known that for a hot minute. That latest confirmation that it’s a real son of a bitch? Astronomers have found a plant-scale wave of poisonous clouds which sweeps across its surface every few days.

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Venus has dozens of active volcanoes, farting on the idea that its a dormant planet

venus active volcanoes copy

Man! Here we were, so sure that Venus was a dormant planet. Nope. Nope! Quite the opposite. The son of a bitch has dozens of active volcanoes.

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The first asteroid has been found inside the orbit of Venus. Yeah astronomers! Making discoveries! Kicking ass!

venus asteroid insight orbit

The SpaceWizards at Caltech dropped a discovery today, folks! They’ve found the first asteroid to orbit entirely within the orbit of Venus. I must confess I didn’t know this was a thing, but I’m glad I’m getting learned.

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India’s space agency wants to fucking explore Venus. I say, give me a hell yes!

india space agency venus

India’s space agency got its sights set on one hot fucking goal. Exploring Venus! Get it? Cause place is like, Hellish. Anyways, this fucking rules.

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Japanese Spacecraft Observes Gravity Wave In Venus’ Atmosphere

japanese spacecraft venus gravity wave

Venus’ atmosphere got itself a serious. Fucking. Gravity wave. We’re talking 6,000 miles-long serious.

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‘Destiny’ Venus Gameplay Trailer: Epic Battle On The Second Planet


Bungie! Just fucking stop. Stop dropping these teasers for Destiny. Less than a month away, but I don’t want to wait any longer. Take my fucking money, now. Or if you don’t want to, then please lord stop entering these trailers into my gooey guts. I can’t take it.

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Molten Time!

Hey man. So what if I was running around a mere eight (Jesus Christ what am I doing with my life?) years ago in Molten Core? It is the first thing I thought of when I glimpsed this beautiful reconstruction of Venus’ surface. Not a world of the Worlds? The Wars? The Crafting? Then drown me out as usual, and check out the real deets after the jump.

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VENUS hiding in SATURN’S MAJESTY is space swoon.

The glory.

Oh, Venus. The planet is playing coy in this picture, hiding from us. Though, it does have some help with the majesty of Saturn in this picture’s forefront.

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