‘Upgrade’ TV series coming from director Leigh Whannell and Blumhouse. This fucking rocks, dudes.

upgrade tv series leigh whannell

Upgrade was a rad-ass movie that like 0% of the population saw. You fucking chodes. However, director Leigh Whannell is bringing it to television. This is it, your second chance. Watch this TV series, fools.

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‘Upgrade’ director Leigh Whannell is helming ‘The Invisible Man’ remake. All of a sudden, I give a shit!

upgrade director leigh whannell invisible man remake

The director of Upgrade is in charge of the Invisible Man remake, my dudes. And just like that, I’m fucking interested in the entire enterprise.

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Monday Morning Commute: Nervous about not being nervous

monday morning commute nervous about not being nervous

Pop-quiz, dick heads! What does a tranquil, peaceful weekend mean, after a tumultuous spring? Does it mean that I’m feeling good about my mental health? Or, does it mean I’m incredibly skeptical, and wondering when the shoe will drop? If you guessed the former, you are beautiful and give me too much credit. Anyways, yeah! I feel good. It’s nice. It’s fleeting, oh I’m sure, but it’s nice. Thankfully, I have a good amount I’m either enjoying or going to be enjoying this week, and I’m about to drop them on your ass. After all, that’s the very point of this here Monday Morning Commute. Then, I hope you’ll share your own haunts and happenings in the comments section!

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Weekend Open Bar: A Horizon Worth Chasing

weekend open bar a horizon worth chasing

If I’m being honest, I’ve been staring at this fucking blank text box for about a half-an-hour. Intermittently, I’ll hop on tumblr, stare at some asses, and pop back. Waiting, you see, for something to say. But, I don’t have anything! Not today. No friends, no way. I suppose I could prattle on about how I’m happy it’s the Weekend. So fucking happy, too.

So fucking happy, too, despite the fact that it was a short workweek. However, I think this happiness stems from the fact that I genuinely despise my job these days. Not the teaching part. That’s fucking fantastic. Rather, the other miscellany I must put myself through to pay the bills, because the life of an adjunct is tenuous at best. I don’t know! I don’t, seriously. I exist in a weird liminal state these days. I’m between teaching in the Spring, and teaching my summer class. As well, I’m between the Spring semester I just taught, and figuring out what I’m going to do next Spring.

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‘Upgrade’ Trailer: Ultra-Violent Cyberpunk Cheese

I’m here for this, dude. A bit of the old ultraviolent, cyberpunk cheese. Just self-aware enough to skate on its absurdity, more than enough tech-based violence to satisfy the cyber-bro in me.

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