Weekend Open Bar: A Horizon Worth Chasing

weekend open bar a horizon worth chasing

If I’m being honest, I’ve been staring at this fucking blank text box for about a half-an-hour. Intermittently, I’ll hop on tumblr, stare at some asses, and pop back. Waiting, you see, for something to say. But, I don’t have anything! Not today. No friends, no way. I suppose I could prattle on about how I’m happy it’s the Weekend. So fucking happy, too.

So fucking happy, too, despite the fact that it was a short workweek. However, I think this happiness stems from the fact that I genuinely despise my job these days. Not the teaching part. That’s fucking fantastic. Rather, the other miscellany I must put myself through to pay the bills, because the life of an adjunct is tenuous at best. I don’t know! I don’t, seriously. I exist in a weird liminal state these days. I’m between teaching in the Spring, and teaching my summer class. As well, I’m between the Spring semester I just taught, and figuring out what I’m going to do next Spring.

My wife, ever the yogi, would tell me that’s too far in the future to worry about. But, who needs logic when you’ve got anxiety! But, who can wield logic when your neurotransmitters are damaged at best!

My wife, ever the yogi, would tell me to just focus on the moment. Enjoy the weekend! So, that’s what I’m going to do. Kick open the Weekend Open Bar, and try and fucking relax. With you, I hope.

Come spend some time with me this weekend. Tell me, what you are up to. Are you going to catch a Popcorn flick? Are you going to consume 18,000 calories worth of Laffy Taffy and watch the NBA finals? I want to know, I want to chat. ‘Cause if anything can get me out of the doldrums, it’s spending digi-time with like-minded individuals.

So, how’s it going?