Monday Morning Commute: Higher. Further. Faster.

monday morning commute higher further faster

Hey, fellow crew mates of the Space-Ship Omega! How the fuck are you? I know it’s been a minute since I punched out a Monday Morning Commute, but what do you want? I’ve been busy! I got mental health issues! It’s cold, and snowy, and miserable, and I just want to lay under my anxiety blanket until the worm turns on this shit-ass season.

But, this week I’ve pushed through!

Ripping opening the door to the Space-Ship’s common room and hollerin’ for ya’ll to join me in it! Come hang out, and let me know what you’re looking forward to this week! As well, inform me of the various tunes, toons, tits, and other sundries you’re currently enjoying!

Not sure how this works? Eh, I don’t believe you! However, like any good spinner of pedagogy, I’ll model the exercise first! Then, you join me in the comments.

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Monday Morning Commute: We Got Too Fargo This Winter

monday morning commute too fargo this winter

The title is some shitty pun on the fact that we got too far to go this Winter, my dudes. Yeah, fuck me with a sideways plank, it’s brutal. But, what do you want out of me? I like Fargo, and I hate the Winter, and I’m just doing my best!

And man, do I fucking hate Winter. I used to stunt and pretend I enjoyed it. Alas, that fucking period has passed. Sure, sure, I enjoy the crisp air. And if the planet stopped melting for a moment to provide the Northeast with some snow, I’d enjoy too. But, what are the Lords currently offering me? Miserable, raw-ass rainy days and darkened evenings.

Anyways, how the fuck you doing? Me? I’m still in this liminal state between semesters. Where theoretically I’m on campus tutoring for the Winter session. However in reality? I’m staring at asses on Tumblr and writing up this wonderful little column.

It could be much, much worse, I admit. Plus, holy jizz cannoli, do I have a lot of things I’m currently enjoying.

Come, come. Follow my over-caffeinated, hunched ass into the dungeon. Check out what I’m sweating this week. Then, oh I implore you, let me know what you’re looking forward to over the next seven slivers of existence.

This is Monday Morning Commute!

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 Trailer: What You Don’t Remember, You Don’t Remember You Don’t Remember

Fuck yeah, my dudes. Loving this True Detective season 3 trailer.

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‘True Detective’ season 3 is dropping January 19, 2019 and I’m fucking here for it

true detective season 3 january 19

Aw fucking yeah, my dudes. The third season of True Detective is arriving next January! Stoked. After all, nothing says underscoring the pall of winter like a nice fucking brutal detective series.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 adds Scoot McNairy. This cast is absolutely fucking stacked, folks

true detective season 3 scoot mcnairy

Jesus Christ. The cast for the third season of True Detective was already stacked, and then! Oh god! And then it went and added Scoot McNairy. I can’t wait.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 is officially confirmed for 2019

true detective season 3 2019

Nothing to lose with True Detective‘s third season at this point, right? If it sucks, well, we’ve already dealt with one season of it sucking. If it is rad ass, well, bonus points. We’ll find out the verdict year.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 casts Stephen Dorff as Mahershala Ali’s partner. So odd, I fucking love it

true detective season 3 stephen dorff

Man, True Detective is really getting a third season, huh? And at this point, what the fuck is there to lose? Plus, at the very least, they’re making some interesting moves. I mean, Stephen Dorff alongside Mahershala Ali? I can dig it.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 officially happening with ‘Green Room’ director helming it. This rules

true detective season 3 green room director

Holy shit. Mahershala Ali starring in a third season of True Detective was enough to get me excited at the prospect of the show returning. But I’m officially losing my mind with excitement, now that the director of motherfucking Green Room is helming the season.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 confirmed to star Mahershala Ali so it’s time to get hype folks

true detective season 3 mahershala ali starring

HBO has confirmed that Mahershala Ali is starring in True Detective‘s third season. As well, I can confirm that jiggling in my pantaloons is my geek boner dancing about, thrilled at the news.

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Mahershala Ali in early talks for ‘True Detective’ Season 3, and now we all give a shit again

mahershala ali true detective season 3

Holy shit. Mahershala Ali is in early talks to join True Detective‘s third season. Which, it should be noted, hasn’t officially been greenlit. That said, man. Having him on the cast really is a win-win scenario. If the third season sucks, well, the show has already flatlined. If it rules, we have more god-tier acting from Mahershala Ali, and another season of dope television.

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