Darren Aronofsky’s next movie ‘Mother!’ is a “Horror Thriller”

darren aronofsky mother! horror thriller

Oh shit, remember Darren Aronofsky? Yeah, yeah! The guy who did Noah and almost did The Wolverine! I remember him! (Seriously, please tell me you sense the #troll here). Well, TheWolverinoah guy has a new movie in the works! And it’s a fucking “horror thriller”, apparently.

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‘The Wolverine 3’ rumored title is ‘Weapon X’

Wolverine 3

The Wolverine 3 has gotten a title. According to a rumor. Which would have it titled Weapon X. Is this The Wolverine: Weapon X, or Weapon X: Wolverin3? Something like that.

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Maybe: ‘Wolverine 3’ villains have been revealed


Hark! Thar be spoilers after the jump!

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‘Wolverine 3’ confirmed as R-Rated and “Like A Western”


Wolverine 3 is going to be R-Rated! Rated R! With blood and death and the dance of death macabre with shattered skulls and ruined digestive tracks! Snikt! Snikt! Snikt! Or something! How do I feel about this news? I don’t care! Snikt! Snikt! Snikt!

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‘Wolverine 3’ casts Richard E. Grant as villain scientist

Hotel Secrets

I’m not very familiar with Richard E. Grant, but he’s going to be in Wolverine 3.

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‘Wolverine 3’ casts Boyd Holbrook (‘Narcos’) as its main villain

‘Wolverine 3’ is going to be R-Rated, according to Fox


Deadpool has proven to Fox something which I took to be obvious: R-Rated superhero movies can make fucking bank. If the movies are good. With this (obvious) knowledge in hand, the company has decided to make the final Wolverine movie R-Rated. Christ. It’s about time. The fact that they’ve gotten away with not making his movies R-Rated is insane to me. This is a man who is most known for slaying all sorts of dudes, and going into beserker rages. So good. Good we finally get one, just as Jackman bows out of the role.

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Hugh Jackman shares first ‘Wolverine’ teaser image, proclaims “one last time”

1 last tyme

Wild, man. Hugh Jackman’s reign as The Wolverine is actually coming to an end, some fifteen+ years after he first played the Canadian Alcoholic Berserker. And Jackman has begun teasing this last flick with a reminder that it is his last dance.

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Watch: ‘THE WOLVERINE’ DELETED SCENE has the Beserker receiving a CLASSIC COSTUME

Pure Wolverine ownage.

Oh man. If they hadn’t cut this scene out of The Wolverine, I would have been throwing fanboy rope all over the neck of the people in front of me in the theater. In the aforementioned scene (which takes place at the end), the Maple Leaf Marauder is gifted his classic orange and brown costume.

So baller.

Hit the jump to check out the scene.

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‘THE WOLVERINE’ getting a SEQUEL with Hugh Jackman and James Mangold returning

The Wolverine

If, uh, a movie makes like $100+ million in the woods, and only a bear talks about it, does it exist? That’s my metaphysical question. ‘Cause The Wolverine is getting a sequel. Despite it being a relatively fun movie with a dreadful final act, I can’t really remember anyone giving a fuck about it. And yet! Here it is. Sequel primed.

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