Sebastian Stan: ‘Black Panther’ movie could feature the Winter Soldier

winter soldier

Oh dear god, if this is true, my dick is going to break.

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Chris Evans says he’ll play Captain America for as long as Marvel wants

Appreciative babe is appreciative. I’m one to often understand an actor’s fatigue at playing a certain role, even if it means I accept their pending departure. However, there are also actors who seem openly derisive of the role that established them, only to look back fondly later on and realize how good they had it. (I’m staring you right in the fucking eyes, Fox Mulder.) So it’s pretty refreshing to see Chris Evans not only aware of how special his role in the MCU is, but also be willing to ride or die as Steve Rogers for as long as Marvel wants him.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Set Photo: Winter Soldier & Falcon pounding the pavement

The Winter Soldier.

After the jump, cause spoilers.

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Watch: ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ as 8-Bit Game

‘Captain America’ writers to pen ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ script


This. Is concerning to me. I love The Winter Soldier. But what I also love (loved?) about the MCU was that it was a diversified set of directors lending their own vision and aesthetic to the Universe. And now? Now it just sort of feels like it is the Russo Brothers and their writers’ show.

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Shriow Miwa’s ‘WINTER SOLDIER’ illustrations are gorgeous


Pretty much anything Shriow Miwa creates is gorgeous. So why wouldn’t he bring the thunder when it came to drawing the Winter Soldier crew?

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‘THE WINTER SOLDIER’ becomes Highest Grossing April Release. Ever.


I’ve seen The Winter Soldier three times. I don’t just like it. It’s a bit more intense than that. No lie: I’ve commissioned a Falcon/Bucky double-ended dildo that I intend on fitting into myself while holding my custom made Captain America Hitachi on my nipples during my first Blu-Ray viewing. Apparently they don’t let you do that in theaters because they hate fun. So fuck yeah!, I’m excited that it’s April’s highest grossing movie ever.

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Monday Morning Commute: So Happy Together


So it appears that Rendar didn’t do MMC this week! It’s okay. I love him. Bro-Love. Born out of a mutually shared origin story plucked from the depths of our Dad’s testicles. Grown deep in our Mom’s womb. Fostered by a shared diet of Soda, Video Games, Comic Books, and Rust In Peace listenings. This is a lightning warfare edition of MMC – typed (more) frantically (than usual) in-between duties on campus. ICYDK: This is the column where we share what we’re digging during a given week. Let’s dance.

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Paul Reinwand got some killer ‘WINTER SOLDIER’ artwork

Winter Soldier by Paul Reinwand.

Winter Soldier on the mind. Nay! Intergrated into my very soul this weekend. If you’re like me, feed the beast with this gorgeous artwork by Paul Reinwand.

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Opinions Vary: F**k, Chuck, & Marry: The Helicarrier, Fury’s Eye Patch, Rogers’ Crotch


In case you’re a DUMB IDIOT who doesn’t like COOL THINGS, I’m going to let you know that Captain Canada: The Winter Steamboat comes out tomorrow. There’s a variety of reasons to see the movie. Like, it has special effects, and Natalie Portman. What more could you need? But if you’re a pig like me, you’re only in the movie theater for two reasons. To masturbate and eat popcorn. “So, Caff. What are you going to jerk it to?” That’s a great question, Dad. It’s a difficult choice. And I’ve spent some serious time thinking about it. I can’t jerk off to everything, this little pink nub gets tired. Two hours and twelve minutes? Good god. So I’ve decided to divide my heart into a series of segments. Isn’t that what society wants, anyways? Order imposed on emotion? Limits placed on speeds? Fucking bullshit coupons that can’t be stacked at SONIC for all my fucking hot dogs? Isn’t this what It is all about?

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