‘The Man in the High Castle’ Trailer: Future Changing/Past Changing/PKDing

Amazon greenlights full ‘The Man in The High Castle’ series order


I watched about ten minutes of Amazon’s pilot for the adaptation of The Man In The High Castle. I more or less hated it. Definitely more. But it’s getting a series order, anyways! My IMPORTANT and SEISMIC INFLUENCE ignored.

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PKD’s ‘The Man In The High Castle’ TV adaptation lands lead actress

Man in the High Castle

Oh shit! That’s right! PKD’s The Man In The High Castle is getting a TV adaptation! And now it’s gotten itself its lead actress.

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Monday Morning Commute: The FPS In The High Castle


Welcome to Monday Morning Commute, fellow swine! Oh shit, you didn’t mean to stop here? Then carry on! You’re not swine. You’re just useless! Ha! Ingest my Hate-Gravy! Ah fuck, rambling again. Anyways – yeah – MMC. The column where we share the various things we’re looking forward to/enjoying/masturbating at/dreading/thinking about during a given week. Simple? Right? First you glance at my insipid list, then you share your own tasty morsels.

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Philip K. Dick’s ‘MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE’ getting TV adaptation. Ridley Scott involved!

Philip K. Dick.

SyFy, Ridley Scott, and Frank Spotnitz are adapting PKD’s novel Man in the High Castle for TV. Said book is glorious alt-history, wrapped around mind-bending ideas about reality. Which, I suppose is a bit obvious given the author. What do you PKD fans think? Me? Color in the circle that says “Caff-Pow has no idea how to feel about this.”

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‘THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE’ and other Philip K. Dick works getting adapted. Yus ++

There are more Philip K. Dick adaptations coming! Oh golly. If they can pull off a The Man in The High Castle flick with great justice, you’re going to feel my fluids flowing from wherever you are. Having only read it for the first time last year, the sumbitch is still fresh in my head. Still getting my pistons pumping, if you will.

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Today, Philip K. Dick Is 30 Years Gone. Moment Of Hallucinatory Silence.

Visionary  Philip K. Dick passed away 30 years-ago today. Even though I’ve come to the good sir just very recently in his written works, I have been submerged in his movie adaptations and the concepts he pushed forward for a good long time.

Monday Morning Commute: Mama Don’t Like Tattletales

[photo by x-ray delta one]

No more than fifteen minutes ago, I came to the startling realization that my wireless connection was conking out. With the mission of delivering the Monday Morning Commute, there was only one choice. A grim, terrifying, dangerous choice.

Sneak into Caffeine Powered’s subterranean lair. Hack into his data-relay system. Deliver the lode. Get the fugg out.

So without further adieu, I present my weekly dose of beautiful brain damage. After checking out what entertainment I’ll be exploring, hit up the comments and share your own prospective travel plans.


Wondering/Where’s Randy Savage?

[Where’s Randy Savage? Right here. And here. And here.]

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