HBO’s adaptation of ‘The Last of Us’ begins filming this July. From a literal apocalypse to a fictional one!

hbo the last of us adaptation filming in july

HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us is finally fucking filming this July, friends. Hopefully by then the show about the society-cracking pandemic will be filming during a decidedly less awful pandemic of our own. Who knows though! I ain’t predicting shit anymore.

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‘The Mandalorian’ star Pedro Pascal cast as Joel in ‘The Last Of Us’ HBO TV series. Hell yeah, this is the way, blah blah!

the last of us hbo pedro pascal joel copy

Holy fuck. The Mandalorian‘s own Pedro Pascal has been cast as Joel in the HBO TV adaptation of The Last of Us.

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HBO has officially ordered ‘The Last of Us’ adaptation by dude behind ‘Chernobyl’ and the game’s director!

the last of us series hbo

Well, it appears that HBO ain’t done ordering shit to series today! The’ve officially ordered The Last of Us to series, and I’m curious as fuck about this adaptation.

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‘The Last of Us’ TV series coming to HBO courtesy of ‘Chernobyl’ director and game’s writer

the last of us tv series hbo

The Last of Us is getting a show on HBO, baby! Listen, I know posting about this is late as fuck. But, I was busy last week! And now, it’s old ass news. That said, I’m fucking stoked, and I want to talk about it!  Read the rest of this entry »

‘The Last of Us 2’ Trailer: A Beautiful, Horrible World for Ellie

We don’t deserve Naughty Dog.

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‘The Last of Us 2’ Trailer: In Case You Forgot How Brutal The Original Was, Here You Go

New The Last of Us Part II trailer dropped yesterday, and, well. You’ve probably already seen it, given that I’m posting this mad late. But if you haven’t? Steel yourself. It’s as brutal as the original game, maybe even more so given that the violence is out of context.

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Monday Morning Commute: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

clap your hands say yeah!

It’s been four weeks, but goddamn, I’m back. Computer, uh, healed. Its technological malfunctions sated by the astralGeniuses and of course the corporealCurrencies paid forth to said astralGeniuses. I, I can’t complain about the corporealCurrencies spent or the fact that the astralGeniuses really didn’t live up to their name. ‘Cause finally I have a fucking computer again. The Engines of Depravity that power the Space-Ship Omega and this Garbage Lord are whirring up to full strength, and we’re just going to fucking resume operations.

I’ve missed you fucks.

This is Monday Morning Commute. The weekly wank-off over the arts&farts that are serving to propel us through a given week. You know, the shit we’re looking forward to, enjoying, anticipating, worshipping, that serve as a balm on the existential burns of existence.

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Thursday Morning Whatever The Fuck: Who Gives A Shit

thursday morning whatever the fuck

Hello, salutations, and greetings, fellow Trash Lords. Scions of the Elder Garbage. It’s I, your fearless dumpster pile, Caffeine Powered. Coming to you from a shitty, broken down computer at the public university at which I theoretically work. I say theoretically since due to bureaucracy and the lack of an actual budget for the Fall Semester (seriously), I haven’t gotten paid since August. Eh, whatever, whatever.

I come to you here, because as I’ve commented upon in other posts, my goddamn personal computing machine is about to enter its own fourth week of in-action.

But, hey. I got time before class, so I figured I would throw some sort of line of communication into the EchoChamber.

For perhaps the first and only time, it’s Thursday Whatever The Fuck! My angered, frantic Thursday edition of Monday Morning Commute.

I miss ya’ll, I miss blogging for ya’ll (all three of you), so here’s what I’m up to this week. You know, when I’m not embracing a desiccated bank account and a general malaise.

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‘Uncharted 4’ Co-Director Bruce Straley has left Naughty Dog. A witty tip of the cap to all his efforts

uncharted 4 codirector bruce straley leaves naughty dog

Bruce Straley has left Naughty Dog, but his presence has been felt, and will be felt in the company’s products for years. Not only was he the co-director of The Last of Us, but he also co-directed the fourth Uncharted game. It’s an understandable, yet bittersweet loss for the company. The sorts of games Straley directed were fuckin’ developmental grinds, so it’s hard to fault him for leaving. I ain’t gonna get too bereft about this shit, though. The future of Naughty Dog still feels bright. Not only is Straley’s longtime creative partner, Neil Druckmann remaining at the company, but the writing team behind Lost Legacy proved their own bonafides.

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Weekend Open Bar: Lake of Fire

lake of fire

We are literally awash in Biblical Ass Shit these days, folks. Official term for the fires gnashing their away across Western portion of the Empire, and the Hurricanes engulfing the Eastern portion. The Earth’s melting, the boot of the Empire is stomping, and the Universe itself is dying. Thus, while there are bigger things to worry about than being late opening the Weekend Bar, I still feel bad. For if we can’t dance together as the Palaces burn, what can we do?

So, let’s hang out! Indulge in the chemicals and calories of your choice, pull up a chair, and shoot the shit with me.

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