Monday Morning Commute: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

clap your hands say yeah!

It’s been four weeks, but goddamn, I’m back. Computer, uh, healed. Its technological malfunctions sated by the astralGeniuses and of course the corporealCurrencies paid forth to said astralGeniuses. I, I can’t complain about the corporealCurrencies spent or the fact that the astralGeniuses really didn’t live up to their name. ‘Cause finally I have a fucking computer again. The Engines of Depravity that power the Space-Ship Omega and this Garbage Lord are whirring up to full strength, and we’re just going to fucking resume operations.

I’ve missed you fucks.

This is Monday Morning Commute. The weekly wank-off over the arts&farts that are serving to propel us through a given week. You know, the shit we’re looking forward to, enjoying, anticipating, worshipping, that serve as a balm on the existential burns of existence.


Watching: American Ninja 4

Continuing this series. It is, obviously, perhaps the most important series of the previous century.


Attending: Perturbator concert

Hell yeah! Friday!


Contemplating: The Last of Us

I beat it, and I’m sort of thinking, I’ll just play it again?


Reading: Southern Bastards

New issue drops this week, baby!


Watching: Broad City

Fourth season is currently airing. I haven’t caught the show in a hot fucking minute, but I’m glad I’ve returned.


Enjoying: Fantasy Football

My teams are a combined 6-0, despite being waylaid by the InjuryMonster.


Watching: Attack On Titan

This anime is fucking wild, but I must confess, has featured less action than I expected. I’m only six episodes in, though.


I’m back, friends! What are you up to, the sweek?