‘The Last of Us 2’ Trailer: In Case You Forgot How Brutal The Original Was, Here You Go

New The Last of Us Part II trailer dropped yesterday, and, well. You’ve probably already seen it, given that I’m posting this mad late. But if you haven’t? Steel yourself. It’s as brutal as the original game, maybe even more so given that the violence is out of context.

Cultured Vultures:

It’s hard to make out a lot of what’s going on in the new trailer, but it seems as if someone has gotten herself mixed up with the wrong crowd before being saved by a stranger and her friend. Arms are broken, shivs are shivved, and Clickers look like they’re clicking.

It isn’t Ellie, despite first impressions – there’s no tattoo on her arm and she’s a bit too well-built. Who this new character is remains to be seen, though it’s hard to believe that it’s Ellie’s mom (as some are speculating) considering the amount of degradation on the car near the end.

The Last of Us 2 still has no release date, so don’t hold your breath for more answers – PSX, perhaps?