Thursday Morning Whatever The Fuck: Who Gives A Shit

thursday morning whatever the fuck

Hello, salutations, and greetings, fellow Trash Lords. Scions of the Elder Garbage. It’s I, your fearless dumpster pile, Caffeine Powered. Coming to you from a shitty, broken down computer at the public university at which I theoretically work. I say theoretically since due to bureaucracy and the lack of an actual budget for the Fall Semester (seriously), I haven’t gotten paid since August. Eh, whatever, whatever.

I come to you here, because as I’ve commented upon in other posts, my goddamn personal computing machine is about to enter its own fourth week of in-action.

But, hey. I got time before class, so I figured I would throw some sort of line of communication into the EchoChamber.

For perhaps the first and only time, it’s Thursday Whatever The Fuck! My angered, frantic Thursday edition of Monday Morning Commute.

I miss ya’ll, I miss blogging for ya’ll (all three of you), so here’s what I’m up to this week. You know, when I’m not embracing a desiccated bank account and a general malaise.


Watching: American Vandal

Satirizes Netflix’s own True Crime documentaries, and also has a surprising amount of heart.


Finishing: The Last of Us

Man, I don’t want to finish this game. Partially because it’s fucking amazing. Partially because I know it’s going to smash my balls.


Watching: American Ninja 3

Perhaps the most important film series of the 1980s, dude.


Playing Next: I don’t know.

XCOM2Far Cry PrimalMad MaxNier: Automata? Someone make a recommendation.


Enjoying: Fantasy Football

The Injury Scythe has cut through my team(s), per usual. But I love this yearly tradition.


Needing To Purchase: Mister Miracle #2

The premiere issue was one of my favorite debuts in recent fucking memory. Odd as shit, packed with pathos. This mini-series is going to be special.


That’s it for me, comrades. What are you up to this week?