Next ‘Superman’ Movie Confirmed To Have Black Lead. Just Cast Michael B. Jordan, No?

superman movie black actor lead role

You can hear the people frothing at the mouth. Gnashing their teeth. But I’m more than cool with the next Superman movie featuring a black actor in the lead role. At this point it almost seems too obvious, but they should just fucking cast Michael B. Jordan as rumored.

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Henry Cavill in talks to return as Superman in upcoming DC movie. Sure, why not?

henry cavill superman return upcoming dc movie

Henry Cavill! Dude is apparently in talks to return as Superman in a movie. Not a Man of Steel sequel, though. Some other shit. My thoughts? Sure, why not! Dude was functional enough, especially given the scripts he had to work with.

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Rocksteady Studios’ rumored ‘Superman’ game gets new leak ahead of Game Awards next week

rocksteady studios superman game

Hey! Yet another leak has seemingly confirmed that Superman game by Rocksteady Studios. The game has been rumored forever. Additionally, I think we all sort of know it’s real, right? It’s just been a matter of waiting for official confirmation. Which, by the way, may be next Thursday.

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Henry Cavill ain’t Superman anymore, maybe, who knows, nah he’s gone

henry cavill superman

Yesterday, it came out that Henry Cavill wasn’t Superman anymore. Then, WB issued a half-assed response neither confirming nor denying anything. After that, fucking Cavill himself posted some cryptic-ass Instagram message. What’s going on? Who the fuck knows. My best guess is that Cavill can’t agree on a contract, there isn’t a Superman movie planned, but that he hasn’t been officially replaced.

If he’s gone? It’s a fucking bummer. Dude deserved better than the shit salad scripts and directors he was given during his tenure as the Man of Steel.

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Rumor: Open-World Superman game being developed by Rocksteady

open world superman game rocksteady

There are rumblings,  once again, that Rocksteady is working on a Superman title. Specifically, the company behind them fucking Arkham games are giving old Kal-El the same kind of treatment. And if it’s true? Fuck yeah.

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Watch: Henry Cavill bids farewell to his glorious mustache, shows genuine charm

DC’s ‘Doomsday Clock’ miniseries has Superman throwing down with Dr. Manhattan

doomsday clock superman dr manhattan

I…couldn’t care less about this shit. Or rather, I would I could, because I’m vaguely annoyed by it, despite being out of the comic books game.

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Rumor: The Rock’s Black Adam is the villain in ‘Man of Steel 2’

the rock black adam man of steel 2

How do you inject some, dare I say it, fun into the second Man of Steel? By adding a heaping helping of The Rock. Obviously! (I don’t believe this rumor, FWIW, but I’ll talk anything related to The Rock.)

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Henry Cavill Joins ‘Mission: Impossible 6’

henry cavill mission impossible 6

You wouldn’t know it from the dour, lame-as-dark-as-fuck Superman movies, but Henry Cavill is pretty goddamn charming. If you need proof, look no further than The Man From UNCLE. So while I’m a seemingly limitless DCU hater, I’m pretty excited that Cavill is joining M:I6.

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Matthew Vaughn Wanted For ‘Man of Steel 2’

matthew vaughn man of steel 2

Matthew Vaughn is a competent director. I don’t really feel either way about him possibly directing Man of Steel 2. Especially since most of my complaints regarding the DCU have very little to do with the directing (which may be saying something). Rather, my chief criticisms are more focused on the scripts.

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