Rumor: The Rock’s Black Adam is the villain in ‘Man of Steel 2’

the rock black adam man of steel 2

How do you inject some, dare I say it, fun into the second Man of Steel? By adding a heaping helping of The Rock. Obviously! (I don’t believe this rumor, FWIW, but I’ll talk anything related to The Rock.)


Another Reddit user claiming to have insider information on the DCEU reports that Black Adam— portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson— will be the film’s main villain, claiming that in the wake of rumors surrounding a Black Adam solo film, the Shazam movie has been scrapped entirely.

Black Adam will be the main villain in Man of Steel 2. The idea was tossed around of possibly making an appearance in the sequel, even if it was only brief. This later evolved into Adam becoming the villain due to the fact WB did not feel confident in the early drafts of the Shazam script and felt as if Dwayne Johnson deserved a bigger project (may be linked to how much they’re paying him).

Second, Matthew Vaughn is still talking to Warner about directing the film, however Warner are talking to other directors as well, which may be an attempt to increase pressure on Vaughn’s agent.

Lastly, some bad news, Shazam is practically off the table at this point. Warner did not feel confident in the first drafts of the script and is much more interested in Black Adam, as I said earlier.

Despite this, it is likely that Billy Batson will appear in a film. To what degree? I don’t know.

Once again, this is all Reddit rumor mongering, so for now, take it with some extreme skepticism.