‘It’ Trailer: When You’re Alone As A Kid, The Monsters See You As Weaker

New It trailer. I don’t know the source material, but the trailer seems fine! I mean, no matter what, can’t be the worst King adaptation this year, right? *Stares at The Dark Tower*

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‘The Dark Tower’ Trailer: You’re A Gunslinger, Right?

I don’t know The Dark Tower at all, so I really have no idea how this trailer resonates with fans of the series. But! I hope ya’ll dig it.

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‘It’ Teaser Trailer: You Will Fear Clowns. Again.

I’ve never read It. I haven’t watched the original It in twenty-years. So, I don’t give a sh(it) (ha!) about this trailer. I hope you King folks enjoy it, though!

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‘The Dark Tower’ Poster: May Your Days Be Long Upon The Earth


New Dark Tower poster! Everyone who this excites, celebrate! Oh, celebrate so much.

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‘The Dark Tower’ Movie Delayed Until Summer 2017

dark tower delayed

Fans of The Dark Tower eagerly awaiting its movie adaptation are going to have to wait a bit longer. Originally scheduled for February 17, 2017, the movie has been pushed back to a very nebulous “Summer 2017” release date.

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Official ‘Dark Tower’ Image: There are other worlds than these

Official Look: Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise from the upcoming ‘It’ movie

Watch: ‘Stranger Things’ and its Film References Side-By-Side

So, I’m not going to watch this because I have two episodes of Stranger Things left to go. But you should! ‘Cause I’m sure it is glorious.

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Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey confirmed for ‘The Dark Tower’ adaptation

Stephen King’s ‘The Mist’ is heading to Spike TV

The Mist.

Oh yeah! Spike TV is a thing! It used to be the channel that I would watch UFC’s Ultimate Fighter on, back when I wanted to watch dudes punch one another (I still do) and listen to them bark empty platitudes about going to war and their family needing their victory (I do not) for an hour. Well, I imagine a lot of people feel like me — completely apathetic when it comes to the station. And perhaps, just perhaps, this is an effort of theirs to change that feeling.

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