Steam breaks record with 20 million fucking concurrent users today. Gaming makes the pandemic go down easier!

steam breaks record 20 million people

Holy fucking shit, dudes. Steam had 20 million concurrent users today. This obliterates its standing record, but I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised.

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‘Half-Life: Alyx’ Trailer: A full-fledged VR prequel that hits March 2020. But VR only? Fuck me.

Well, Half-Life: Alyx looks rad. The son of a bitch is hitting March 2020, but you gotta have a VR headset.  And, I ain’t got one of them! So, enjoy it friends that do.

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Valve announces ‘Half-Life: Alyx’ their flagship VR game. This is not the new ‘Half-Life’ I wanted, fuck.

half life alyx

Hey! Want a new Half-Life game? Me too! Want it to be a flagship VR game? Me neither! But that’s what we’re getting! Half-Life: Alyx.

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‘Just Cause 4’ leaked by a Steam ad. What the fuck gonna actually be revealed at E3?

just cause 4 leak steam

Man, what exactly is going to be left to reveal at E3? So many goddamn leaks this year. Personally, I’m hoping Borderlands 3 and Watch Dogs 3 are revealed. One thing that won’t be, though, is Just Cause 4. Shit was leaked by a Steam ad, of all things.

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Monday Morning Commute: We’re all riding shotgun with Entropy

we're here until we're not

We’re all riding shotgun with Entropy.

That’s the long of it, the short of it. Celebrated the Fourth of July twice this weekend. Once at a friend’s apartment, who I consider to be family. Once at my family’s house, who I consider to be friends.

Me, my friends, my family?

We’re all riding shotgun with entropy.

The Universe wasn’t paying much attention to our celebrations. Too busy housing Everything. Too busy searching for that sweet, sugary Heat Death at the end of it all. Expanding endlessly until it won’t.

Me, my friends, my family, the Universe?

We’re all riding shotgun with entropy.

The wife I married, the dog I love, the friends I cherish, the family I belong to, the Universe that carries me.

We’re all here until we’re not.

We’re all riding shotgun with entropy.

I don’t know what to make of this, other than to appreciate my wife, walk my dog, hang out with my friends, and stare lovingly at the stars when the nights permit. This isn’t profundity and it isn’t resignation.

It’s a shrug and a smile in the face of the Absurd. What else can I do?

We’re all riding shotgun with entropy.

This is Monday Morning Commute. The column where I slather onto this particular digispace all the items, all the miscellany, all the bullshit that I’m interfacing with on a given week. You know, when I’m not staring into the raging chasm of Void and Stars, condemning the tragic mistake that is self-awareness, while simultaneously praising the Cosmic Joke for stumbling into giving us clowns self-awareness.

It is my optimistic encouragement that you’ll share what you’re up to this week in the comments section.

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‘Jet Set Radio’ and ‘Golden Axe’ are currently free on Steam

Jet Set Radio.

Man. My kingdom for another Jet Set Radio. You may be asking, and I will tell you: my Kingdom is a collection of Pepsi Max cans, various Funk POP! collectibles, and three pairs of heavily-used underwear. It seems like a square deal, no? But for those of you looking to hold out in different ways, perhaps downloading Jet Set Radio for free on Steam.

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Valve announces streaming hardware, Steam Link. Also, prices their controller.


Valve got all your fucking hardware needs covered! VR googles! Maybe a Steambox or two! A controller! And a piece of streaming hardware!

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Valve getting ready to drop ‘SteamVR.’ ALL THE VIRTUALITIES


Open up your checklist of companies getting into the VR game, and add one you were probably expecting. Valve!

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Sony thinking about PlayStation 4 early access program

PlayStation Mania.

For the past couple of weeks, Bateman, Rendar, and I have been rocking BroForce on Steam. It is not a finished game. However, it is awesome. So long as you take it with a grain of salt, recognizing that it is in-progress. So knowing what love I have for the early title, I’m more than stoked that Sony is thinking of offering a a similar program.

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‘Hyper Light Drifter’ looking to drift…onto PC & Steam this holiday

Hyper Light Drifter.

Fuck you and your headlines, Caff-Pow! It’s like you’re thirteen Diet Dews and a Sudafed deep! Reality is buzzing and forget headlines, between the mucous drip and the shakes you can barely maintain a presence in this plane of reality! I say — precisely! But while I’m here, I’m going to enjoy the news that Hyper Light Drifter is dropping this holiday.

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