Views From The Space-Ship: Chaos Reigns Supreme

chaos reigns supreme

There’s a stunning, albeit welcomed, banality to my life. To skip two weeks of Desktop Thursdays, the column where I share with you both my virtual and tangible worlds, and look back and find emptiness. Placidity. Nothing much to report, over and out. Nothing much to comment upon, over and out.

I’m here this week, though, with said column. And I’ll share, with you said worlds.

I hope you’ll do the same in the comments.

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Views From The Space-Ship: The Gospel Of The Omega

kenny omega

It’s been, according to the CalculationWizards, two weeks since I’ve done a Desktop Thursday. That’s aiight-aiight-aiight. The reason? The reason(s)? I don’t know, man. Ennui? A lack of pictures taken during the week? Both? Neither? Both-Neither! But here I am-am-am. A new post! A new look at my world(s) across the past two weeks. Tangible, intangible, virtual, aesthetic, heroic. All goes! Share your own views in the comments section!

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Tuesday Evening Commute: I Hate It Here


It’s Election Night in America. In fact since I’m tardy writing this (I’m always tardy writing this, this semester!), I’ve had the distinct pleasure of turning off Early Results, closing my Twitter, and instead retreating here. To what has been so admirably dubbed my Space-Oasis, the Space-Ship Omega.

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Spider Jerusalem goes 8-Bit.

Karina Dehtyar has conjured the essence of Spider Jerusalem in eight-bits, man. Radical. Check out Dehtyar’s tumblr, too.

Feelin’ Alive with Dead Pig Collector (Review)

Dead Pig Collector

There’s no denyin’ that some creators are only interested in treadin’ water.

Once a successful formula has been stumbled upon – whether it’s a character arc, chord progression, or secret ingredient – it’s relied upon indefinitely. To some minds, there’s simply nothing wrong with rehashin’ the same material over and over and over again. In fact, some creators suggest that to stray too far from the tried and true is to do a great disservice, that the fans’re expectin’ something that resembles the work with which they originally fell in love.

These sorts of creative types grow like weeds in the comic book community. Think of how many careers have been made on the backs of characters created in previous decades. Again, some culpability may rest in the readership, which devours comics more for its comfort-food properties than its potential for innovation. But at the root of this issue is that there’s no shortage of creators who only want to relive past glories.

Fortunately, there’s always Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis has the reputation of being a mind-pilot who of self-navigates the course of his own career. In addition to penning some of the most aspirational pieces in the comics medium (Planetary is just one example) and presaging scientific innovation (Spider Jerusalem was rockin’ Google Glass back in `97), Ellis has always made a point to explore other media forms. Most notably, Ellis has followed paths that have led to essays, novels, and television projects.

With this week’s release of Dead Pig Collector, Warren Ellis has given zero fucks unrelated to forward-thinking.

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Oh snap! Looks like OMEGA-`LECTION DAY is upon us! I can’t believe we’ve made it to another one, but since we’re here we might as well celebrate! Hit the jump to check out all of our totally legitimate coverage!

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