Watch: Donald Trump x ‘Super Mario 64’ is the slop culture beauty apocalypse

Dude uses 17-YEAR-OLD COUPON from PC GAME for cheaper frozen pizza.


Dude who goes by Lazy Game Reviewer found an old as fuck coupon in some PC game, and decided to parlay that shit into cheaper pizza. He may go by Lazy Game Reviewer, but he’s hard on the grind when it comes to the money saving game.

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This Spray Gets You INSTANTLY DRUNK For A Few Seconds. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!

We have invented a spray that gets you instantly drunk  for a few moments, before receding with no side effects. This sounds like probably the worst thing that could have come up in our wonderfully gluttonous culture.

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Video: ‘BABES N DONUTS’ SCION COMMERCIAL Is Slop Culture Pinnacle

Here’s a commercial for the new Scion iQ. It’s a car filled with women eating junk food, covering themselves in slop as the car does donuts while the pigs at home (us, hi!) get aroused. The sound of Rot is terrifyingly beautiful.

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FECES TRANSPLANT From Cousin May Save Dude’s Life.

I didn’t know that feces transplants existed outside of a select genre of pornography, but now I am all the wiser. They certainly do, and this knowledge may put a more…favorable light on what is going on in all those German dungeons.

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I don’t watch wrestling, but I may need to start. I know The Rock is back, and just today I had this video emailed to me from Patrick Bateman OL’s programmer and resident sociopath. I genuinely enjoy Brock Lesnar as a super-douche hyper-real humanoid character, and I’ve always wanted to lay a stink on John Cena for ruining one of the greatest things in the world: jorts.

Hit the jump to watch Lesnar blast the choad with a ferocity unmatched by anywhere the seven winds cover.

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A PIMP’S Android Pattern Lock Defeated The Feds. Lock Screens +1

I have a friend who has an Android and I can never guess his dumb fucking lock pattern. So I just do it so many times that it locks itself out and then I laugh at him. Depending on your perspective, I’m in good company. The Feds!

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Saved By The Bell: The Video Game? Zack Morris Goes ‘Earthbound’.

Saved By The Bell taught me a lot of things in life. Namely that life is perfect if you’re a wily high school student named Zack Morris, capable of synthesizing a Breakfast Club-esque allotment of dorks, jocks, nerds, and jocks. How did that actual alchemy occur? This imagined Saved By The Bell video game takes a stab at simulating it.

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