FECES TRANSPLANT From Cousin May Save Dude’s Life.

I didn’t know that feces transplants existed outside of a select genre of pornography, but now I am all the wiser. They certainly do, and this knowledge may put a more…favorable light on what is going on in all those German dungeons.


It’s gross, but  fecal transplant can save lives. A Nova Scotia man living in Cape Breton Island, Canada, read about it and decided to stop an intestinal bacterial infection doing the fecal transplant himself–using feces from his cousin.

The 66-year-old man got the infection 18 months ago after surgery at Cape Breton Regional Hospital. The hospital said they couldn’t do the fecal transplant because they didn’t have the protocol yet, so he decided to do it. He said he couldn’t wait, so he got the feces from his cousin after they were analyzed for other infections and parasites. Then he mixed them with water and flushed the into his intestine using an enema.

Apparently, it worked. Or so he thinks: “And I’m feeling good, but my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping and praying it doesn’t come back.”

Shout out to Nova Scotia, where a decided 50% of my heritage hails from. Clearly we’ve got things figured out up there.