Watch: Matt Fraction talking Hawkguy and giving sex tips on ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

Matt Fraction appearing next week on NBC’s ‘Late Night’

Matt Fraction.

Shout out to Johnny Hotsauce for bringing this to my attention! I don’t usually watch the late night talk show things. But I’m going to make an exception. It appears that one of my Lords and Saviours shall be appearing on Seth Meyers’s Late Night.

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Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor drop gorgeous ‘Sex Criminals’ prints


Sex Criminals has a second trade paperback. It’s got a goddamn television show in the works. Why shouldn’t the comic series also have a couple of gorgeous prints from Becky Cloonan and Matt Taylor? There is no fucking reason! Both of these prints are equally appealing to the eye-socket mush, but Cloonan’s is a sultry slice of NSFW.

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Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction adapting ‘Sex Criminals’ for TV, sign deal with Universal TV

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction

Holy fucking shit. Two of my favorite writers (and the First Family of Comic Creators as far as I am concerned) are not only adapting Fraction’s Sex Criminals for the small screen. They’ve also straight-up signed a two-year development deal with Universal TV.

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Graphic novel sales up 10% this year in bookstores. READ THEM TRADES, BRUH

Sex Criminals.

Yeah okay so I’m not a financialogist or whatever and I can’t read the inner sanctums of the economic markets and shit. So when I hear that graphic novel sales are up 10% at book stores, I can’t really analyze the actual repercussions. So I’m just going to celebrate the surface level victory.

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Chip Zdarsky’s Zack Snyder/The Joker Tweet Wins Everything

Chip Zdarsky

Chip Zdarsky isn’t just fucking crushing it as the artist on Sex Criminals. He’s also one of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow. Madness, madness everywhere! And while I cry at what Snyder is doing to the DCU, at least Zdarsky could make me laugh for a moment.

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Monday Morning Commute: Spring Sprang Sprung


Hello friends! Bad news. I lied, last week. I lied to your face, while sipping Diet Dew through a Twizzler. That’s how much I didn’t respect you. I said that Rendar would be back today, to guide us through Monday Morning Commute. The column where we share the savory and scintillating things that are helping us get through the work week. Arts, farts, foods, and fascinations. But Rendar ain’t  back. Not yet. You’re stuck with me, Caff-Pow. Not even a healthy one, neither. I got phlegm-lungs like you wouldn’t believe. Whatever! We’re all just going to have to make due!

This is what’s on my mind this week.

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Weekend Open Bar: Sex Is A Metaphor

weekend open bar

It’s the Weekend! Fuck yes. Forty+ hours of work, a lung-filling cold, a leaking bung-bung, none of this can stem my excitement! Now begins the restorative forty-eight hours of nonsense that allows me to momentarily forget the beef-and-phalange grinder that is the work week. This is Weekend Open Bar. The column of pure nonsense. Post the GIFs you find. Share drunken stories. Stumble in here and share dumb loot you find in dumb video games. It doesn’t fucking matter, just chat. Come with me! Literally! Figuratively! Join me!

BTFC Presents: The Best Comics of 2013

Battling Boy.

So 2013 is in the rearview, but what a year for comics, am I right?  While Marvel had an impressive and diverse publishing initiative in Marvel NOW, DC alienated fans across the board with bland updates to their characters (save for Batman & Wonder Woman, maybe) and business practices that would seem right at home in the mid 20th century.  Meanwhile, Image released a flood of new titles that only continued to improve their brand as the go-to company for independent, creator-owned fare.  Paul Pope dropped his long awaited Battle Boy, comic legend Gilbert Hernandez dropped five new books, and we got another issue of Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve.  We even got some “Event” books that weren’t half-bad.  Hit the jump and check out what we here on Spaceship Omega thought was the 13 Best Comics of 2013, and make sure to agree/disagree with our rankings in the comments section!

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Sex Criminals.

Hotsauce, am I missing something by not snagging Sex Criminals? I browsed the first issue and wasn’t blown away. But I mean, it’s Fraction and Zdarsky. And as this cover for the fourth printing of the title’s first issue (buh?) proves, these two are fucking amazing.

Hit the jump to check out the cover.

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