Seth Rogen adapting comic ‘Invincible’ from ‘Walking Dead’ creator into movie

seth rogen the walking dead invincible

At least according to its first season, stoner meat head lazy comedian Seth Rogen did a great job at not doing a great job of adapting the comic Preacher for TV. Not content ruining just one comic property (I’m doubling down here folks, I actually don’t really care this much), Rogen has turned his sights on another. Robert Kirkman’s Invincible.

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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer: Oh Run All Ye Fearful!

Robert Kirkman (‘Walking Dead’) working on ‘Transformers’ spin-off and sequel films

Robert Kirkman

Robert Kirkman is the guy behind Walking Dead. Now he may also be the gentleman behind unfucking the notoriously horrible Transformers franchise.

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‘WALKING DEAD’ #1 goes for $10,000 on eBay. Oh, you choads.

My initial reaction is that any asshole who pays $10,000 for a comic book, let alone Walking Dead #1 is a dink of the highest order. But then my brain is all like, “Dude, what if they have the money to spare and they rightly assume they can flip it for a higher price down the road?” My bipolar brain wrangles with itself for a bit, I take a swig of Dew, and forget the entire quandary.

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Todd McFarlene: They Only Sue When There’s Money, Me: LOL Mark McGuire.

Todd McFarlane wrapped up a length legal battle last year with Neil Gaiman, and now he’s parlaying those sour grapes into comic books commentary. If you haven’t heard, Robert ‘Walking Dead Was A Good Comic I Promise’  Kirkman is getting sued by Tony Moore who worked on the rag with him. McFarlene decided to make public some eggs of knowledge he cracked over Kirkman.

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Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman Team-Up For Comic ‘The Infinite’

Robert Kirkman is best known these days for giving the world The Walking Dead. It is by no means his only work, but it is the name they drop whenever they reference him. Rob Liefeld is known for giving the world anatomically impossible works of Awesome, and human beings with cloven feet. Together, they’re going to give the world The Infinite.

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