Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman Team-Up For Comic ‘The Infinite’

Robert Kirkman is best known these days for giving the world The Walking Dead. It is by no means his only work, but it is the name they drop whenever they reference him. Rob Liefeld is known for giving the world anatomically impossible works of Awesome, and human beings with cloven feet. Together, they’re going to give the world The Infinite.

USA Today:

Arriving in early August from  Image Comics,  The Infinite is an action-packed sci-fi book by writer  Robert Kirkman, the creator of  The Walking Dead comic and executive producer of the hit AMC show, and artist  Rob Liefeld, the man behind the popular  Marvel Comics character Deadpool.

In the future, the world has fallen to a villain who has discovered time travel. A soldier named Bowen goes back to visit his 19-year-old self, Bo, at a turning point in his life and to persuade him and others to help defeat “The Infinite” and prevent impending doom.

“A lot of people in comic books are trying to save the world. Not a lot of them are trying to save the world after having seen it destroyed,” says Kirkman, who is releasing  The Infinite on his Image imprint, Skybound.

Adds Liefeld: “It’s a buddy movie with yourself.”

Kirkman is a good writer, and Rob Liefeld is the effects of hyperreality living in motion. This combination is more than enough to get me to throw down some cheese on the first issue.