‘Deadpool’ will still be Rated-R according to Disney. Rejoice, fans of easy dick jokes and annoying references!

disney deadpool rated r

I really liked Deadpool, despite my initial trepidation. That said, I found its sequel to confirm the fears I had for the first. So, I was never really worried about Disney taking away the series’ mature rating, because I wanted them to take creative control away from Reynolds. Alas. What the fuck can you do. Here’s to another movie of Family Guy-levels of lame pop culture references and the word “cock” used copiously.

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David Fincher and ‘Deadpool’ director are teaming-up for animated anthology on Netflix. Gimme a Fuck Yeah!

david fincher deadpool director animated series

Straight and to the rad-as-fuck point: David Fincher and Tim Miller are teaming-up for an adult-oriented animated anthology on Netflix.

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OmegaPlays: Sonic Mania #2 – The Great Dickhatch Controversy of 2018

Bateman and I continue our argument from last weekend about the best way to pull one’s dick out of their underwear. Uh. As well, he mentions that he definitely stole his sister’s Barbie dolls for, uh, adolescent exploration. In chat, my wife chimes in that she did the same sort of exploration with hers. It’s a glorious fucking shit show. We also discuss Deadpool 2, the recent F451 adaptation, and more.

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‘Deadpool’ director developing Kitty Pryde solo movie. But, like, what about Disney’s acquisition of Fox?

kitty pryde tim miller solo movie

It’s a weird moment in the X-Universe. Despite the fact that Disney has ingested all of Fox’s X-Men properties, uh, there still seems to be a crazy amount of development going on. Like, how long is it until Feige stands over the entire Fox slate, unfurls his enormous producer hog, and washes it clean so Marvel Studios can incorporate the properties? Should we even get excited about this?

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‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer: Equal Parts Bob Ross and Merc With The Mouth

The first trailer for Deadpool 2 has dropped, and it has dropped in straight fuckin’ Deadpool fashion. It’s equal parts Bob Ross and Merc with a Mouth. Makes sense, right? For, what would this franchise be now, without some self-aware meta sprinkled in with its sleek utlra-violence? Fucking nothing, that’s what!

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First ‘Deadpool 2’ poster gets us ready for Thanksgiving by riffing on a classic Rockwell painting

deadpool 2 first poster

Yo! Check out the first poster for Deadpool 2, which carries on the franchise’s satirical bent. As we inch closer to needing more inches on our belts, the movie’s promotional team has dropped a poster that spoofs a classic Rockwell painting.

For more info and a look at the original painting, hit the jump.

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‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller is officially helming ‘Terminator 6’, a franchise which simply cannot die

deadpool tim miller terminator 6

Tim Miller is a pretty cool director. Terminator used to be a pretty cool franchise. Can the former resurrect the latter? I’m fucking skeptical, but I’m also fucking hopeful.

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‘Neuromancer’ movie happening again with ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller attached

neuromancer tim miller directing deadpool

Neuromancer is happening, again, folks. As you may or may not know, I’ve sworn off being worried about adaptations, and telling myself if they’re good, awesome. Bonus. If they suck, no harm no foul. So I’ll say this about the Neuromancer adaptation. The biggest hurdle it faces is not looking derivative, because it’s so goddamn influential that so many properties that have ripped it off (or paid homage if you’re on the positive tip) have dropped first. That said, I like Tim Miller. A lot.

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‘Deadpool 2’ casts Jack Kesy as “major villain” who is probably Black Tom

deadpool 2 jack kesy major villain black tom

Yeah. I don’t know The actor Jack Kesy, nor do I know the Deadpool villain Black Tom. So infinite shrugs coming from this guy, right here!

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‘Deadpool’ animated series from Donald Glover coming to FXX

deadpool animated series donald glover

Donald Glover and his brother are writing an animated Deadpool series for FXX. I can only interpret this as a fucking awesome development.

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