Robert Downey Jr. continues to talk ‘Iron Man 4’, jokes about Gibson directing

Iron Man 3.

I have to believe at this point RDJ is just doing some adorable posturing when it comes to Iron Man 4. Like, sure he runs his mouth, and hints that he’s not sure if it’ll happen. Referencing his age and shit. But as others have rightfully pointed out, I think this can all be translated to “If the money and the script are right.”

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This Image, Man: Josh Brolin rocking the Infinity Gaunlet hanging out with RDJ

This is my everything.

Much like me fanjaculating about Mark Hamill’s beard, this isn’t really news. But it’s definitely the source of the uncomfortable fanboy pants-tightening I’m currently experiencing.

RDJ on ‘Iron Man 4’ is pretty much like, “If it doesn’t suck, I’m in”

Tony Stark

You know, I thought RDJ was pretty convincing last year when he made it seem like he was getting out of the Iron Man game after Avengers…3? But at the same time, my cynical thought was “If they kiss his ass and throw truck-fuck-loads of money at him, he’ll return.” It seems that my cynicism will win out.

(Or is it pragmatism?)

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ROBERT DOWNEY JR. signs for ‘AVENGERS 2’ and ‘AVENGERS 3.’ Money Truck goes BEEP BEEP.

Robert Downey Jr.

The inevitable has happened. Marvel has signed Robert Downey Jr. for the second and third Avenging flicks. No brainer, right? Still though – no mention of Iron Man 4. My guess? I’m still pushing for his death-sacrifice/resurrection in the aforementioned movies. What do you peoples make of all this?

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ROBERT DOWNEY JR. in talks for TWO ‘AVENGERS’ SEQUELS, no word on ‘IRON GUY 4.’


Well this is interesting. RDJ is in talks to reprise his role as Really Rich Smart Guy in not one but two of those Avengers flicks. But what about Iron Guy 4, you’re proclaiming?! Who knows. My own personal take? Stark dies in Avengers 2, and “comes back to life” or whatever in the third.

What say you?

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ROBERT DOWNEY JR. teases leaving ‘IRON MAN’ in three years. Flaccid Repulsor Ray.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.is a large part of why the Marvel movie universe has become the Marvel movie universe. So what becomes of that Universe when he leaves? Someday, we’re going to find out. The salient question is when that day shall come. In a recent GQ profile, Homeboy Jr. hints that he may only have three more years left in the superhero game.

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‘IRON MAN 3’ TV Clip: Tony’s latest egotism is giving away his home address


The latest clip from Iron Man 3 has Tony Stark giving away his home address to The Mandarin. Pretty much exactly the sort of thoughtless, boisterous nonsense you’d get from an egomaniac. Here’s hoping the movie makes him feel the repercussions.

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New ‘IRON MAN 3′ shows Tony Stark post butt-whuppin’

If this image and the trailers are any indications, Tony Stark is going to get his ass flayed in this third Iron Guy film. Good! Yeah! Put the stink on Anthony, and demand that he respond to it. Right?

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‘IRON MAN 3’: Four new photos, including a damsel in distress.

Don’t forget about Iron Man 3! Even though it is a ways off, that doesn’t mean you need to have perspective. Leave that nonsense in the trash along with your common sense, and get overly stoked for a film that won’t be arriving until past the Winter’s last bite.

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‘CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II: COMMERCIAL: Tony Stark, Guy Ritchie, and ‘Splosions.

Big-named Hollywood actors don’t give no fucks anymore. Used to be television was the death knell, now it saved careers. Used to be wonky commercials happened overseas. Now Guy Ritchie is directing RDJ in a Black Ops II advertisement. I liked it. Shut up.

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