‘Cars 3’ Trailer: Well, That Escalated Quickly

‘Finding Dory’ Trailer: She Just Kept Swimming

‘Incredibles 2’ gets release date; dropping June 21, 2019


Most of the time I exist in a world where I forget that Incredibles 2 is happening. I’ve never really clamored for a sequel to the original classic, and I’m not particularly excited about the prospect of a sequel. Yet, despite this, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it. When It drops. In June, 2019.

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Pixar has announced its Dia de los Muertos film, ‘Coco’, by the ‘Toy Story 3’ team


Pixar is finally letting us in on its long-in-development Dia de los Muertos movie. At D23, the company officially unveiled the movie, known as Coco.

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‘Toy Story 4’ is a thing. Arriving June 2017.

Toy Story 4.

I’m in a fucking bind here, guys. I know deep down in my heart that more Star Wars stories aren’t needed. But I want them. I need them. So when I want to say Toy Story 4 isn’t needed…I can’t. I realize the situation. I realize the Truth. I don’t have a fucking leg to stand on. I get it. So if you’re excited, enjoy this movie. Be merry. I can’t be a hypocrite.

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‘INCREDIBLES 2’ is coming; Old School Pixar seems officially dead


I’m going to be able to tell my kids something. Drunken off Dew, a tumor the side of a grapefruit lodged in my skull, eyes bulging. I’ll mumble at a howl, “I remember when Pixar made original movies! Good movies! Not fucking sequels! Now fetch me my Oculus Rift! And my meds! Daddy needs to go to the Black Sun and sword fight Hiro Protagonist.”

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Boner Rumor: PIXAR making ‘STAR WARS’ movie.

Omega Level goes Fan Expo.

Sorry, sorry. So much Star Wars. I get it. We only cover Star Wars and Marvel. I’ll fall on my fucking lightsaber later. For now let’s contemplate a Pixar-powered Star Wars movie. Here, I’ll pop off my pants first. Air out the rapidly swelling pink bits. You can follow suit if you see fit.

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Head of PIXAR Says a Pixar/Marvel Movie Is Possible. Let’s Get This Done.

Ever since Disney bought Marvel, the lot of us have been fapping to one idea. Pixar, the studio from whence all others are judged, could theoretically rock out to a Marvel movie. Recently while promoting Brave, the head of Pixar has once again stroked these fantasies. Just a light grip, ever so slowly.

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PIXAR Unveils 2013-15 Schedule: DINOSAURS & Mexican Holidays!

Pixar shed some light on their schedule for the next few years a couple of nights ago at  CinemaCon. I hadn’t heard of half this shit, but I’m particularly curious about the project that’s way out. Wayyyyyy out! We’re talking 2015.

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JAPANESE ‘BRAVE’ POSTER Contains New Story Elements. Oh Yeah, This Movie.

The Stacked To Shit movie blockbuster year keeps pushing worthy titles out of my brain-piece. Case in point: Brave. I’m sure it’ll be typical Pixar greatness, and yet I’ll be goddamned if I can remember it. While its still on my mind, here’s a Japanese poster for it that reveals new story elements. Unlike the old ones. That I can’t remember.

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