‘INCREDIBLES 2’ is coming; Old School Pixar seems officially dead


I’m going to be able to tell my kids something. Drunken off Dew, a tumor the side of a grapefruit lodged in my skull, eyes bulging. I’ll mumble at a howl, “I remember when Pixar made original movies! Good movies! Not fucking sequels! Now fetch me my Oculus Rift! And my meds! Daddy needs to go to the Black Sun and sword fight Hiro Protagonist.”

The Parr family is being called into action once again. After all, the world never stays saved.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced at a shareholders meeting today that Pixar will produce a third Cars movie (no surprise there) as well as a sequel to The Incredibles—which has been confirmed on the Disney/Pixar Facebook page. Iger says that Incredibles director Brad Bird is working on the story, but did not say that he would be directing the sequel.

Bird has spoken in the past about the challenges of coming up with an Incredibles story as compelling as the first, which showed some of the formerly repressed characters flexing their superhero powers for the first time. What sort of story would you like to see the Parrs tell this time around? [io9]