‘Incredibles 2’ Trailer: It’s Time To Make Some Wrong Things Right!

Oh fuck. I thought that I was apathetic towards a second Incredibles, but here I fucking am. The advertising push has sucked me right in!

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‘Incredibles 2’ Release Moved Up To 2018; ‘Toy Story 4’ Delayed Until 2019


Pixar has swapped the release dates of two of its biggest sequels, Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4. Perhaps notably, this is the third delay for the fourth Toy Story installment.

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‘Incredibles 2’ gets release date; dropping June 21, 2019


Most of the time I exist in a world where I forget that Incredibles 2 is happening. I’ve never really clamored for a sequel to the original classic, and I’m not particularly excited about the prospect of a sequel. Yet, despite this, I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it. When It drops. In June, 2019.

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Brad Bird is all like ‘Incredibles 2’ “feels like” his next movie

Brad Bird.

Brad! Stop fuckin’ fucking with us, bro. If you’re going to make Incredibles 2, stuff yourself in that Pixar Digi-Lab and get it done. There is an entire generation of Incredibles fans who take these teasings quite seriously. I mean, “feels like”? What the fuck.

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‘INCREDIBLES 2’ is coming; Old School Pixar seems officially dead


I’m going to be able to tell my kids something. Drunken off Dew, a tumor the side of a grapefruit lodged in my skull, eyes bulging. I’ll mumble at a howl, “I remember when Pixar made original movies! Good movies! Not fucking sequels! Now fetch me my Oculus Rift! And my meds! Daddy needs to go to the Black Sun and sword fight Hiro Protagonist.”

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