Brad Bird is all like ‘Incredibles 2’ “feels like” his next movie

Brad Bird.

Brad! Stop fuckin’ fucking with us, bro. If you’re going to make Incredibles 2, stuff yourself in that Pixar Digi-Lab and get it done. There is an entire generation of Incredibles fans who take these teasings quite seriously. I mean, “feels like”? What the fuck.


A sequel to The Incredibles, Pixar’s 2004 animated movie about a family of superheroes, might be Brad Bird’s next movie, the writer and director said in an interview with ColliderVideos.

Asked if an Incredibles sequel is up next, Bird said “Yeah, it feels like it to me, yeah.”

Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke of a sequel to The Incredibles in March 2014, and Bird said on NPR earlier this year that he’d just started writing it. Asked about his progress last week, Bird said he has pages written and plenty of ideas.

“I had a lot of ideas for the original Incredibles that I didn’t get a chance to use, ideas that I like,” Bird said. “I have things that I wanted to pursue a little bit, and there wasn’t enough time in Incredibles. There are new ideas I have. And I think I have enough of those together to make an interesting movie.”