Views From The Space-Ship: A Bad Case Of The Future-Gaze


Hey! Desktop Thursdays! Where I show you my goddamn worlds — populated by goddamn madness, beauty, reluctance, pensiveness, and really just a panoply of garbage!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I skipped last week. Sue me! I have a very good attorney, and though he specializes in Bird Law, I think he can probably do me right.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, I’m over-caffeinated and ready. Oh, so ready. To rock! Here are views from across my existence the past two weeks. My worlds done tangible, done intangible, done textual. All of them, for your pleasure. I hope. Oh, I hope. You’ll share your own world(s) in the comments section!

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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Super Bowl Trailer: Let’s Go To War!

First Look: Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange


Hey! It’s Benjamin Briarpatch as Dr. Strange. What do you think?

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New ‘Warcraft’ Poster: Do You Like Obvious Imagery?

‘Jessica Jones’ Teaser Trailers: Alarm Clocks & Barroom Brawls

I don’t know what to make of Jessica Jones. I never read Alias back in the day, though I know it was pretty dope. I haven’t gotten much out of these first two teaser trailers.  But yet I remain optimistic (while laying in my MCU fanboy pajamas and staring longingly at a picture of Kevin Feige). What do you take out of these trailers?

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ concept art reveals Captain America and Iron Man’s teams

Maybe! It’s “purported” concept art. But I’m buying it for two reasons. First, it’s as craptacular looking as all Marvel concept art. Second, it confirms the reports of who was on what side from a bit back. Thoughts?

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‘Ant-Man’ International Trailer: Our First Move Should Be Calling The Avengers

‘Jurassic World’ makes $1 Billion at Global Box Office in record time

lol "he's the alpher" lol

Well, the nostalgia-fueled mediocre monstrosity juggernaut seems intent on smashing records. And preventing me from seeing it. Am I still bitter about you nostalgic dorks cluttering the theaters, preventing me from seeing it? Yup! Stop going! It isn’t that good! Cause, I need to go!

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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer: Oh Run All Ye Fearful!

‘Minority Report’ TV Series Trailer: A Precog of a Canceled Show