‘Jurassic World’ makes $1 Billion at Global Box Office in record time

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Well, the nostalgia-fueled mediocre monstrosity juggernaut seems intent on smashing records. And preventing me from seeing it. Am I still bitter about you nostalgic dorks cluttering the theaters, preventing me from seeing it? Yup! Stop going! It isn’t that good! Cause, I need to go!


No sooner did we report about a pair of domestic records than “Jurassic World” smashed a global one.

Deadline reports the Universal Pictures sequel will officially cross the $1 billion mark today — its 13th day of release — faster than any other film in history. “Furious 7″previously held the record, accomplishing the feat in 17 days.

Sometime this week, “Jurassic World” will also surpass “Jurassic Park’s” lifetime total of $640 million, which combines first-run, reissue and 3D release.

By the end of the day, “Jurassic World” will have passed “The Lion King” to become the 22nd highest-grossing film in the global box office, with “The Dark Knight” and “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” in its sights. However, it still has a way to go before it approaches the upper echelons inhabited by “The Avengers,” “Titanic” and “Avatar.”