‘Wonder Woman 2’ going to make Patty Jenkins the highest-paid female director ever

patty jenkins highest paid female director wonder woman 2

Good for DC on two levels. Making Patty Jenkins paid as fuck. Bringing back Patty Jenkins to helm the sequel to the only good DC movie since Dark Knight Rises. Finally, some fucking sense afoot over there at Warner Bros.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ officially announced but where that Patty Jenkins confirmation tho

wonder woman 2 confirmed

We all fucking *knew* Wonder Woman 2 was going to be a thing, with the original crushing ass at the box office. What most of us herbs are wondering, though, is whether Patty Jenkins is going to be coming back for the sequel. So yeah, cool, neat confirmation. But, can we get her confirmed as onboard? Please?

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Patty Jenkins confirms she is directing ‘Wonder Woman 2’, so we can all relax

patty jenkins wonder woman 2 directing

Patty Jenkins has confirmed she’s directing Wonder Woman 2. Fantastic news. Yeah, that’s about it for the copy. I’m fucking stoked.

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‘Wonder Woman 2’ already being written by Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns

wonder woman 2 patty jenkins script

It’s glad to see DC finally not fucking around on something awesome. Patty Jenkins and Geoff Johns are already writing the treatment for Wonder Woman 2.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer: What I Do Is Not Up To You

Holy fuck, this looks great.

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‘Wonder Woman’ is first $100 Million movie to be directed by a woman

Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is a milestone movie, as it marks the first flick of any kind to run $100 million and have a female director.

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‘Wonder Woman’ First Look Trailer: So you want to know about this Wondrous Woman?

‘Wonder Woman’ movie picks up “Interstellar’ cinematographer

Wonder Woman.

Holy futz. Wonder Woman has snagged Hoyte Van Hoytema as its cinematographer. Which means that this movie is going to be goddamn unflinchingly beautiful, regardless of its other qualities. This makes me very, very excited.

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Chris Pine in talks to join ‘Wonder Woman’ as character’s love interest

chris PINEF

An actor IDGAF about is joining a movie I don’t have much faith in. How you taking this news?

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‘Wonder Woman’ movie gets new director in Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman!!!~dsafs

Patty Jenkins. She has crossed the war lines! Once she was up to direct Thor 2, and now she’s going to be helming the Wonder Woman flick.

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