‘Pacific Rim 2’ IMAX Trailer: Let’s Go Already!

I want this movie to succeed. That said, I have a bad feeling about its chances at doing so. Not because it’ll be a particularly bad movie, but because it’ll be a particularly whatever it’s fun movie with a big budget. But, I’m digging this fucking trailer. How you feeling about it?

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First Look: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ sees John Boyega re-cancelling the Apocalypse

pacific rim uprising first look

Here’s some official looks at Pacific Rim: Uprising, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ released date pushed back a month, which is uh good or bad?

pacific rim uprising release date pushed back

I’m not sure. Is Universal so hype about Pacific Rim: Uprising that they’re pushing it a month later, as to not compete with Black Panther? Or is the son of a bitch hurting, and they need more time to complete it? Or maybe they just want more marketing headway. I don’t fucking know.

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First Look: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Jaegers Make Their Apocalypse-Cancelling Debut

first look pacific rim uprising jaegers 2

Here’s our first look at Pacific Rim: Uprising‘s Jaeger designs. I dig them! Sort of hard to extrapolate how they’re going to look on the big screen, but I’m going to lean into my own positivity. Thoughts?

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Boyega Shares ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Photo Depicting His New Look

pacific rim uprising john boyega pentecost

John Boyega dropped a new official image from Pacific Rim: Uprising today. It features the actor looking #broodingaf while proclaiming that he is Pentecost.

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John Boyega Reveals ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Image Featuring Gipsy Danger

john boyega pacific rim uprising image

Gipsy Danger is back! Somehow! If John Boyega’s image on Instagram is to be believed! Or! At least! Interpreted in that manner!

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