‘Pacific Rim 2’ IMAX Trailer: Let’s Go Already!

I want this movie to succeed. That said, I have a bad feeling about its chances at doing so. Not because it’ll be a particularly bad movie, but because it’ll be a particularly whatever it’s fun movie with a big budget. But, I’m digging this fucking trailer. How you feeling about it?

The Mary Sue:

Mecha is not my favorite genre of anime except for some of the classics, Evangelion and Macross Plus to name two. Y’all can keep them Gundams, but Pacific Rim was one of my favorite films when it came out in 2013. Not only was it fun and exciting, but it had a diverse cast, a badass WOC heroine, and there was just a joy to its chaos. We need that kind of fun in action films sometimes.

So Pacific Rim 2 seems to be building off of that and adding so much more camp, which thank you! One of the biggest problems I had with the most recent Godzilla movie (not Shin Godzilla that was good) was how little Godzilla/Kaiju fighting we got. I want my carnage damn it!

My only concern walking into PR2 is that Del Toro, who co-wrote and directed the first film is only producing it. Whether you love or hate his movies, he has a great vision and putting his work in the hands of anyone else makes me…slightly nervous. Steven S. DeKnight, who has taken over Del Toro’s role as writer and director, has worked as a writer for several shows I love like Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Marvel’s Daredevil, but this is his debut film.