‘Overwatch’ Game Director Jeff Kaplan Is Leaving Blizzard. Man, Their Talent Drain Is Fucking Insane

overwatch game director jeff kaplan has left blizzard

It seems like, you know, pretty much everyone is leaving Blizzard these days. I’m not going to spend the time googling to corroborate this claim, I just know that I vaguely recollect some news stories, and I feel the truth in my balls. The latest major talent to leave the company? Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan.

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‘Overwatch is a billion-dollar franchise, I say g’damn

overwatch billion-dollar franchise

Overwatch. Probably not for me, but I respect that it’s dope-as-fuck. Many, many people respect this as well, since the is a billion-dollar franchise.

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‘Overwatch’ Announces New Hero, Orisa

overwatch new hero orisa

Overwatch has revealed its 24th hero, Orisa. Simultaneously making me wish I played the game, and terrified at the prospect of trying to learn 24 characters.

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Blizzard Announces ‘Overwatch’ Has More Than 25 Million Players

overwatch 25 million players

Man. Overwatch is popular. Like, way fucking popular. I should play Overwatch. But I have anxiety problems, and the sheer amount of heroes intimidates me.

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Blizzard announces new ‘Overwatch’ character, Ana. Here are Two Trailers!

I don’t fuck with Overwatch. Too busy replaying Borderlands 2 for the 3,000th time. But a lot of my good friends do! So, I hope they’re really excited about this news.

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‘Overwatch’ has passed ‘League of Legends’ as most popular game in Korean Net Cafes


Overwatch seems popular as fuck, given the response from the various gaming communities I frequent. (Basically, OL’s Facebook page.) How popular though, across countries and fandoms? Apparently very.

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Monday Morning Commute: Dive Bars, Dive Far

dive bars dive fa

Nice goddamn night to write Monday Morning Commute. Windows open. Pleasant breeze. The gentle, but not intrusive hum of caffeine thumping down the vein-pipes. But, for a moment, I am content. How are you doing, friends? I hope you’re doing well. Well enough, at the least.

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‘Overwatch’ release date is May 24, revealed by leaked IGN ad

Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ dropping Spring 2016 for PC, XB1 and PS4

‘Overwatch’ Gameplay Preview: Hands-On With This Gorgeous Game

Man. Blizzard’s Overwatch looks dope as fuck. But I’m simply not good at MOBAs, nor do I have the time to learn them. Does that mean I won’t enjoy this game? I don’t know. I suppose I’ll find out when I (potentially) buy the game when it is released, come Spring 2016.

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‘Overwatch’ Gameplay Preview: Hands-On With This Gorgeous Game