Blizzard announces new ‘Overwatch’ character, Ana. Here are Two Trailers!

I don’t fuck with Overwatch. Too busy replaying Borderlands 2 for the 3,000th time. But a lot of my good friends do! So, I hope they’re really excited about this news.


Get ready for heal-snipes. Blizzard today revealed the next playable character in Overwatch, and as had been rumored, it’s a long-range healer. Meet Ana.

Ana, who is Pharah’s mother and a sniper support character, has a Biotic rifle that both heals allies and does “ongoing damage” to enemies. She’s also got a sleep dart (putting enemies to bed), a biotic grenade that works similarly to her rifle, and an ability called Nano Boost that buffs allies’ speed, attack, and defense.

There’s no release date for Ana yet, but Blizzard says she’s coming soon.