Monday Morning Commute: Dive Bars, Dive Far

dive bars dive fa

Nice goddamn night to write Monday Morning Commute. Windows open. Pleasant breeze. The gentle, but not intrusive hum of caffeine thumping down the vein-pipes. But, for a moment, I am content. How are you doing, friends? I hope you’re doing well. Well enough, at the least.

This here is a quaint installment of MMC. The weekly column where I invite citizens of the Space-Ship Omega to gather together, and share what they’re looking forward to during a given week. The movie they may be anticipating on Friday. The comic book that may be dropping on Wednesday. Anything. Everything.

Life’s a grind, but we don’t have to do it alone. So join in! Life’s a grind, but we don’t have to do it without the arts and farts to enlighten, entertain, and ease the load. So share what you’re looking forward to this week!

I’ll go first.


Watched: The Preacher pilot.

Jesus Christ. Have they done it?

Have they really done it?

I need episode two.


Playing: Uncharted 4.

Still playing. It’s good?

Good enough? Fun, but not compelling.


Want To Be Playing: Doom.

Fuck, it’s supposed to be good.

Fuck, I want to play it.

Fuck, I want to play it more than Uncharted 4?


Listening To: Coloring Book, by Chance The Rapper.

Wonderful. Gorgeous. Soulful.


Returned: Seth Rollins, last night.

Crossfit Jesus. One of my fave wrestlers.

Like a favorite character in a show.

Returning from the dead.


Weight Update: I’ve dropped ten pounds.

Have something like twelve more to go.

Tonight I hunger. Oh, I hunger.

Someone give me pizza. No wait! Don’t give me pizza.

Give me pizza.


Doing My Duty: Seeing X-Men: Apocalypse.

I don’t really want to. Worse Case Ontario?

It’s an excuse to laugh at the silver screen.

With some friends.


Maybe Playing: Overwatch?

All my friends are playing it. Jerkface on PS4.

Contingency Plan, Buddy, and others on PC.

And I’m like, where do I have this time?


Need To See: The Nice Guys!

Missed it last weekend. Will not miss it this weekend!

So help me! So help me, God! So help me, Elder Ones!

So help me, masters of the Holographic Universe within which we live!


Long Ass: Weekend!

Doing anything awesome?

Going anywhere awesome?

Drinking anything awesome?

I hope so!


So that’s it for me, folks. Losing weight, worshipping a pilot episode about the silliness of worship, and having too many games to chose from. How about you?