‘Firewatch’ art director Olly Moss now officially working for Valve. I hope this means they’re actually making a fucking game

firewatch olly moss valve

Back in April, Valve snagged Firewatch developer Campo Santo. As an aside, that game fucking rules. But, things are even more interesting now. The art director behind the game, Olly Moss, has officially joined the company. What does this fucking mean? I have no goddamn idea! However, I hope it means they’re actually making a game.

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‘Rick and Morty’ comic coming from the minds behind ‘Firewatch’

rick and morty firewatch creative team

Rick and Morty. Awesome, niche television show and comic book. Firewatch. Awesome, niche video game. Why not have an installment of the former, from the minds of the latter?  There ain’t no damn reason, why not!

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There ain’t enough game developer supergroups. Probably because like ever game costs three-zillion dollars, and most developers are caged away at their respective companies. However, Camp Santo definitely is one. And their first game has been teased Just a lil’ taste. A sniff. A glance.

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Jealous: Olly Moss created ‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’ posters as wrap gifts for actors.

Gorgeous Wrap.

Goddamn famous people. Being gorgeous as fuck. Rich as shit. And getting hot as fuck-shit posters from none other than Olly Moss. Christ, Hemsworth. Fucking share your fortune. At least give me your glorious locks.

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‘AVENGERS’ POSTERS By Olly Moss and Tom Whalen for Mondo Are Tasty

Avengers. Olly Moss. A match made in the steamy depths of my fanboy underoos. Tom Whalen? Also awesome. I like to imagine a world where these sort of posters were actually the official  ones, and thereby I could buy them for $5 at a shitty Hot Topic or something. Such is not the world we live in.

Hit the jump to check them out.

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‘Resistance 3’ Scores Sexy Olly Moss Artwork For Cover.

Insomniac Games has partnered with geek favorite artist Olly Moss – check out his swag here – for the the cover to Resistance 3. It’s pretty fucking awesome.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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