Monday Morning Commute: Check Out That Fucking Sunset!

monday morning commute check out that sunset

Oh, we in the fucking Teeth of it now, friends.

At least here in the Northeast, and other sundry places currently eating Winter’s Shit. The teeth, you ask?  The teeth, I shall explain. We have entered that interminable period after the holidays where it’s all snow, slush, and gloom. There are no holidays to look forward to. And while the days are getting longer once again, it’s hard to appreciate when it’s -13 with the fucking windchill.

Oh, we in the fucking Teeth of it now, friends.

But, at least we have our frivolities, right? And, isn’t that what Monday Morning Commute is all about? Sharing the frivolities we’re looking forward to on a given week, to get us through the grind?

It is, indeed!

I’ll go first.

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Weekend Open Bar: Long Live The King

weekend open bar long live the king

Welcome to the Open Bar, you fucks. The wank-off where we, the gilded turds of the Space-Ship Omega, share what we’re up to during the weekend. I must level with you, seeing Black Panther is at the core of my entire existence the next couple of days. Seeing it tonight, Friday, with comrades. Seeing it Sunday night with my male progenitor. And in the middle? I imagine gushing and flushing all my savory glands discussing it. Here, on OL. Saturday night, on Twitch.

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Weekend Open Bar: Beyond The Impossible!


This is Weekend Open Bar. The weekly invitation to come and hang out, share what you’re doing the next couple of days. What you’re eating, drinking, smoking, playing, reading, et cetera. Et cetera.

It’s week two of the Empire’s descent into Trumplandia. I’ve been struggling to make sense of how to behave in the face of such gravity.  The best I can think of, is to simply continue persisting. To continue doing things like typing up the Weekend Open Bar.

As a hero of mine opines, the most “daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” So so I persist, here, at Weekend Open Bar. Week after week, inviting likeminded folks to spend time together. Week after week, offering likeminded folks a space-oasis in which we can pass the time in good nature together.

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