Weekend Open Bar: October Country

weekend open bar october country

Mamma mia! Take a depressed dude (hi!) and mix-in some insane work schedule, and what do you get? Just an absolute fucking absence from the digital universe. Specifically, his own Space-Ship. For that, I’m sorry. Apologies, my friends! Apologies. I’m trying. And I suppose that’s really all any of us can be doing in the Year of Misery, 2020.

Shit’s just hard right now! Damn hard. Which means I’m retreating into a cocoon of silence, watching my favorite comedies such asĀ Always Sunny for momentary amusement, and trying and failing to sleep.

But, enough about my bullshit. I’m here opening the doors to the Weekend Open Bar because I genuinely miss the camaraderie around here. The musk of all you glorious pricks.

So, enough happy horse shit. Let’s spend some time together! And if we don’t, hey, I get it. We’re all going through shit. That said, I hope to hear from ya! What you’ve been up to these part couple weeks. The specific balms you’re using to stem the burn of this Nightmare Palace we’re all stuck in.

This is Weekend Open Bar!