Weekend Open Bar: Relax first. Relax hard. No stress.

weekend open dusk relax first relax hard

Yeah, I butchered the mantra of Cobra Kai to kick this shit off. However, it seems more apropos for a weekend column where I encourage everyone to fucking relax. I mean, no? That said, I’m deeply entrenched in Cobra Kai’s actual mantra, especially if it means that Daniel-San is going to get his fucking nards blasted. A revelation I hope to encounter this weekend, as Bags and I dive deeper into the first season of the show named after the dojo. Fuck, guys, it’s so good. For those of you who don’t want to pay for YouTube Red (understandable) or pirate this bitch (like we are doing), I can’t wait for you to check the series out on Netflix next week.

Anyways, fucking hell! Enough prattling aboutĀ Cobra Kai. Even though it’s the berries. Berries which will taste so, so good on your tongue!

This right here? It’s the latest installment of Weekend Open Bar! My open-arms clairon call to the other citizens of the Space-Ship Omega! A call-to-chill issued every weekend, wherein I demand you come hang out for the next couple of days. Shooting the shit. Tasting the berries. Sharing what you’re up to!

It’s the end of summer, but it’ll never be the end of our hang sessions! Tell me, what are you indulging in this weekend? Indulging in sweets, like Oreos? Indulging in games, likeĀ Dead Cells? Indulging in some sweet meats and delicious beats?

I want to know! I want to chat.

This is Weekend Open Bar!