Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is getting his own Disney+ series because fucking of course!

nick fury disney plus series

Hey-o, motherfuckers! Samuel L. Jackson is going to be reprising his role as Nick Fury in a Disney+ series. Wee! I don’t know, I’m fucking burnt out on this shit.

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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: Carol and Fury go full Buddy Comedy!

I’m worried about Captain Marvel, dude. Maybe it’s nothing. But like, I’m worried about its tone. Because, again, like, what exactly is its tone? From the trailers, it seems all over the goddamn place. Intergalactic epic. Buddy comedy. Captain America-esque? I’m, I’m not sure. I hope my concerns are misplaced.

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Rumor: Nick Fury TV series in development for Disney’s streaming service. G’damn, its seeming more and more enticing

nick fury tv show disney streaming

Man, I think I’m just going to have to accept that I’m signing up for Disney’s streaming service. Between the director list for Favreau’s Star Wars show, the possibility of a Loki TV series, and now this? Fuck.

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Nick Fury and Maria Hill are both in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ and are apparently not reduced to ash forever

nick fury maria hill spider man far from home

I’m glad that Nick Fury is going to be popping up in the MCU again, along with his inestimably important second-in-command by his side.

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Nick Fury is co-starring in the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie for better or worse

nick fury costarring captain marvel

Nick Fury is co-starring in the Captain Marvel movie. The cynic in me is hollering with disdain that Marvel doesn’t trust Brie Larson to carry the first female-led superhero movie for their studio. The fanboy in me is whooping with glee that Fury is back in a Marvel flick. How do you feel about this shit?

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Rumor: Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury returning for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Nick Fury!

Sam Jackson only has two movies left on his Marvel contract, and yet. And yet, there are rumors that he’ll be appearing in Thor: Ragnarok. This news means, at least to me, that he’s going to be getting himself a contract-extension. I mean, right? Otherwise, they’re burning up one of his last two appearances on a Thor flick? (Don’t get me wrong, cool news and all.)

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Samuel Jackson is not in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, doesn’t know why. Wants contract extension.

Nick Fury.

One of the biggest, most looming personalities in the MCU is going to be absent from Captain America: Civil War. And the man himself has no fucking clue why. I have, I have to hope there is a narrative explanation for this, and it isn’t Marvel not wanting to pay the actor. Shit. Even if their is a narrative explanation for the absence, I have a hard time swallowing it.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER’ TV Spot: Winter Soldier is crapping on Fury’s Life

The Winter Soldier.

Truthfully, I’m at work. So I managed to watch like nine seconds of this before I had to turn it off. Sound issues and all that fucking jumbo donkey feces. But I did manage to see Fury being like LOLWTF I’M ABOUT TO GET FUCKED. And then Winter Soldier is like BURN BRO.

It seems neat.

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Captain America - The Winter Soldier.

As to be expected. Marvel has released a teaser for the Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer dropping tomorrow. And if you really squint, concentrate, and pray to your Deity of choice, you can catch a glimpse of The Winter Soldier.

Is it tomorrow yet?

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER’ to feature Nick Fury’s story. Woop?

Despite being in all thirty-seven (I didn’t count them) Marvel films, Nick Fury has yet to have his own feature. And while that ain’t changing any time soon, the actor behind the One-Eyed Bastard has said that Fury’s tale will be partially told in the second Captain America movie.

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