‘New Mutants’ casts ‘Stranger Things’ actor Charlie Heaton as Cannonball

new mutants stranger things charlie heaton cannonball

God, these boners are going to be showing up everywhere, huh? *Mumbles to himself, the one curmudgeon who liked Stranger Things but is already sick of these dweebs.*

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Rosario Dawson in talks to join ‘New Mutants’ as classic X-Men character

rosario dawson new mutants movie

Oh man. Rosario Dawson may be joining New Mutants as Doctor Cecilia Reyes? The character was a particular favorite of mine during the X-Men storyline in the mid-90s, Operation: Zero Tolerance.

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Fox’s ‘New Mutants’ movie is going to be “full-fledged” horror movie, which rules

fox new mutants horror movie

It is an cliche almost as old as the comic book movie itself. The yadda, yadda, comic book movies need to take on other genres to stay fresh. Which, I believe. Which, makes me happy that New Mutants is aiming for full-fledged horror.

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Fox sets release dates for ‘Deadpool 2’, ‘X-Men: Phoenix’, and ‘New Mutants’

fox release dates deadpool 2 x-men phoenix new mutants

Fox has released the, uh, release dates for its next slate of Mutant Movies! Most salient to my interests (salient? appropriate here? idfk, idfc?) is Deadpool 2‘s date. June 1st, 2018.

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‘New Mutants’ Director Josh Boone Seems To Confirm Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane

new mutant director josh boone maisie williams wolfsbane

Oh yeah! New Mutants is a thing!

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‘New Mutants’ Movie Will Feature James McAvoy As Professor X

new mutants james mcavoy professor x

Looks like we’re not done with James McAvoy as Professor X. Not just yet! The actor is going to be appearing in Fox’s New Mutants movie. Will the movie be any good? Who knows! But. And, and dear god I hope I don’t regret saying this, it can’t be any worse than X-Men: Apocalypse.

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‘Fault In Our Stars’ writers are penning ‘New Mutants’ script; plus the team’s line-up is announced


Man, I ain’t seen Fault In Our Stars. And I never fucking will! But apparently! The folks who wrote that movie are writing the New Mutants movie. But also, apparently!, they wrote The Spectacular Now, which I very much enjoyed.

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Marvel Ending NINE TITLES In October As MARVEL NOW! Kicks Off. Groan. They’ll Be Back.

Marvel is ending nine goddamn titles this October as their Marvel NOW! initiative gets underway. Goddamn ridiculous. Half of these titles have already been ended in the past year or so. How many #1 issues can Captain America or Invincible Incredible Wonderful Iron Man have?

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