Fox sets dates for six mystery Marvel films, cause oversaturation is a myth

fox sets dates six marvel movies

Everyone, everyone wants in on extended universes. Thus far, I’d say only Marvel has pulled one off, though DC seems to be rallying. Others have tried, preemptively, to announce their own universes, then fallen into a pile of their own feces-pies. I’m looking at you, Dark Universe. So it makes sense that Fox is looking to establish a slate of films, but goddamn if I don’t think they may be jumping the gun.

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THANOS confirmed for ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’, Purple-Headed Death GET


What fresh hell is this. Why so much interesting news today? Wasn’t SDCC like two days ago? Oh, you say it isn’t interesting to you. Hmm. I see. Head nod. Then I draw the Infinity Gauntlet, and punch you in the sternum. I don’t even know what I’m typing anymore. James Gunn is more interesting than me. Hit the jump to check out his funky fresh words regarding Thanos.

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‘DOCTOR STRANGE’ to be played by Justin Theroux? Tell me moar.

Justin Theroux.

Oh yeah, there is a Doctor Strange! movie afoot. It had completely slipped my mind. Well, it is coming in Marvel Phase Something Such. Don’t you worry your pretty little heads. We haven’t heard much about the flick, but now casting rumors are a-percolating. The latest (or first?) rumors are centered around Justin Theroux.

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CHRIS PRATT is starring in ‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.’ I can dig it!

Chris Pratt is holding it down.

I love me some Chris Pratt, almost exclusively due to his performances in Parks & Rec. That said, he was good enough in Zero Dark Thirty, and apparently he is in Billy Beaner is Really Smartz. So him being cast as the lead in Guardians of the Galaxy is officially marks the moment where I begin getting excited for the flick.

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New ‘IRON MAN 3′ shows Tony Stark post butt-whuppin’

If this image and the trailers are any indications, Tony Stark is going to get his ass flayed in this third Iron Guy film. Good! Yeah! Put the stink on Anthony, and demand that he respond to it. Right?

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Mark Millar spits about making a cohesive Marvel Universe for Fox Films. Aiiiggghhhttt.

Suppose I’m just dropping Marky Boy these days. How exactly can one create a cohesive Marvel Universe over at Fox when Marvel retains the majority of the film rights? You can’t, really! What you can do is squeeze every ounce of juice out of the titles and characters that you do own. Right?

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‘THOR: THE DARK WORLD’ SET PHOTOS: Everybody be fighting, Chris Hemsworth be sexy.

Here is like a million, zillion set photos from some big fight currently being filmed for Thor: The Dark World. Don’t be a shocked asshole, we both know there are spoilers ahead.

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Edgar Wright Screens ‘ANT-MAN’ Test Footage At Comic-Con. Finally.

Ant-Man! So real it has its own set of test footage. You pumped? Jacked? Pumped and jacked?

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‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ REBOOT Being Penned By Jeremy Slater. I Am Not Familiar.

The Fantastic Four reboot that is being helmed by Josh Trank has landed itself a writer by the name of Jeremy Slater. I am not familiar with this lad.

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JESSICA BIEL To Play Viper In ‘THE WOLVERINE’, The March Of Irrelevance Continues

I love me some Jessica Biel. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it’s going to take more than her to get me stoked for The Logan Guy.

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