Rian Johnson is working on ‘Knives Out 2’ so maybe we can actually have nice fucking things!

knives out 2 rian johnson

Rian Johnson ate way too much shit for The Last Jedi. And, instead of being bitter at our caterwauling asses, gave the world Knives Out. A charming as fuck original movie. All while being excessively nice. So, it’s great to see the movie succeed, and even more awesome to hear it’s getting a sequel.

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Weekend Open Bar: Hoth by any other name!

weekend open hoth by any other name

Mother. Fucking. Yes! It’s the Weekend, friends! Kick off your pants, pick up your preferred drink, and get your ass around the hearth! This is the latest edition of the Open Bar! And man, it feels good to be here. Why? Cause, it’s the last fucking Weekend of the semester, baby! As well, it’s been a long, dark, cold, snow-filled week!

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Rian Johnson directing Daniel Craig in the murder-mystery ‘Knives Out’ and I’m fucking pumped

rian johnson daniel craig knives out

Rian Johnson fucking rules. I never thought this would be a controversial opinion, but here we are. Wallowing in the post-The Last Jedi Hellscape. Anyways, Johnson is returning to his detective haunts, and he’s bringing Daniel Craig with him.

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